12 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Fast (Update 2022)

How to Get Free Bitcoin – Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies in the world. This currency has been around since 2009 created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Until now, there are many people who believe in and use bitcoin for long-term investment purposes, especially since the news has covered the unusual increase in the price of bitcoin.

However, many people also do not understand where we can get the bitcoins. Well, to get bitcoin there are actually several ways that you can try, ranging from paid or free.

For example, for paid ones, you can mine using hardware or you can rent from providers. As for the free way to get bitcoin, there are also quite a few, for example through airdrops, bounties, donations and others.

If you are interested in getting bitcoin and want to use it for various purposes. Here we summarize some ways to get bitcoin for free that you must try.

How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast

Want to have bitcoin, but don’t have the capital to buy it or do bitcoin mining? take it easy, there are several options you can do to get bitcoin for free.

Here we summarize it for you, especially for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency. Oh yes, before starting make sure you already have a wallet that is used to accommodate the bitcoins.

Before you want to get bitcoins for free, here’s how how to make a bitcoin wallet easily

Participate in Airdrop Events

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, then one of the easiest ways to get bitcoin for free is through Airdrop events that are often held by developers or owners of a crypto asset.

In short, Airdrop is an activity of distributing or distributing coins or tokens. Usually the coins or tokens distributed in the Airdrop are provided for free.

Not all coin owners give bitcoins for free, there are some that require you to complete tasks and get rewards in the form of bitcoins.

For the tasks given, of course, they are different, sometimes there are those who give tasks such as following their social media, inviting friends to join, doing reviews and much more.

What you also need to pay attention to and quite important are the terms and conditions provided by the airdrop organizer.

Make sure you comply with everything to make it easier for you to get the bitcoin. Although most airdrops that are implemented now do not give bitcoins directly, the coins you get later can also be exchanged or traded and become bitcoins.

Following Bounty

Bounty can be said to be a little similar to the airdrop above. One thing that is in common is that each participant or often called a bounty hunter, must complete several tasks that have been provided by the bounty organizer.

Some of the common tasks given to bounty hunters in a bounty event are promoting cryptocurrencies that have just been issued by developers through the ICO or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) program.

Then there are also tasks such as following social media accounts from the organizers, inviting friends to join, reviewing applications and much more.

To get bounty info related to cryptocurrencies, there are actually very many available on the internet. However, to make it easier, you can visit several websites that focus on discussing cryptocurrencies, one of which is the mediaauthority.co website.

Selling Services or Products

Actually bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to make transactions, although in general it is now more popularly used for investment purposes, such as trading.

However, you can still use bitcoin as an effective payment method. Well, with that you can sell a product or service that you have and later payments are made using bitcoin.

There are already many forums or websites available for users to use to sell their services or products. Of course, the website or platform also provides payment options via bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

One of the platforms that you can use to offer your services or products is Bitcointalk.

There are many forms of services or products that you can offer on the forum, ranging from translation services, article writing services, graphic design services and other services related to cryptocurrency.

Cloud Mining

If the process of mining bitcoin or cryptocurrency is generally done using some hardware components from a computer or other tool. But now you can do it with Cloud Mining technology.

With cloud mining, you don’t need to spend a large amount of capital to buy a complete mining equipment. Because it has been provided by those who have the cloud mining platform.

Some cloud mining websites do provide their mining services in a paid version, but you don’t need to worry, there are some bitcoin mining sites that provide cloud mining facilities for free, for example eobot and others.

In addition to mining activities, it can also be done using a cellphone, such as the application provided by MinerGate. However, of course to get the cryptocurrency takes quite a long time.

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If translated in English into Indonesian, the meaning of faucet is a faucet. Where this term is similar to the term from a water faucet where when we turn the water will flow.

The faucet is usually used for sites that provide free bitcoins for a certain time after we complete a task, such as a captcha or something else.

In addition to completing the captcha, there are still many types of tasks available on each faucet, such as watching ads, following social media, answering surveys, playing games and much more.

Faucets are one of the easiest to do to get bitcoin, because usually in one task, the bitcoin will continue to be obtained or flow according to the given time period, before we do the task again.

This will be done repeatedly within a certain period of time, and if you feel that you have accumulated enough bitcoins, you can withdraw or withdraw.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is a program that allows users to get a predetermined reward or commission if they successfully invite someone to buy or use the products offered.

Usually the affiliate program is distributed in the form of a link or code that can be used when registering for the first time on a website.

For the cryptocurrency world itself, this is easy to find on the cryptocurrency market or exchange that is usually used to store crypto assets or make trades.

Each exchange or affiliate provider of course provides a different commission or reward, usually the calculation is a percent. One that you can try and comes from Indonesia, namely on the indodax exchange or market.

The point is, if later someone uses your affiliate link or code when registering on an exchange or market and that person makes a deposit.

Then you will get a reward or commission according to the provisions of the market. Oh, most affiliate programs will give you rewards in the form of rupiah or dollars, so you can buy bitcoins later.

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Trading Competition

If you have the ability and knowledge in trading, you can take part in trading competitions that are usually carried out by exchanges or cryptocurrency markets.

The prizes given are also quite large, depending on the provider of the trading competition. The assessment in trading competitions usually varies, generally seen from the aspect of the volume of digital assets that have been used in trading.

Trading competitions also have a certain time limit. So make sure you are included in the winner in the competition before the competition time runs out.

Playing games

On the internet there are lots of games that reward players when they play or even win the game in the game.

Even some of these online game providers provide rewards or prizes in the form of bitcoins. Some games that you can try to get bitcoins include: bitcoin blast, abundance, alien run, bitcoin aliens and many more.

Later, after the bitcoin you get from playing the game can be withdrawn, it can be withdrawn directly to the bitcoin wallet that you have.


The next way to get bitcoins for free is through donations. This is very common in forums that discuss cryptocurrencies.

Sometimes they don’t hesitate to leave the bitcoin wallet address in a thread or post comment to hope that later there will be good people who donate their bitcoins.

Or you can also help other users on the forum, such as answering questions, providing solutions and others and asking for donations sincerely from the assistance that has been given.

Completing the Microtask

The common thing that is usually done to get bitcoin is to do the tasks available on a website.

Some common tasks include filling out surveys, sharing posts, following social media, installing and using an application and many more.

Writing about cryptocurrency

If you have writing skills, you should use those skills to create a website or blog that discusses cryptocurrencies.

As a beginner, of course, you must understand and always be updated about cryptocurrency developments and news.

Then how to get bitcoin from writing? there are many options that you can try, for example just placing ads, for example from the cointraffic website, a-ads and many more.

Or you can offer article writing services about cryptocurrencies and accept cryptocurrency payments.

You can offer this directly or look for those in need on freelance websites, such as upwork, getcraft and others. Or look for offers through forums such as coinality, bitcointalk, forumbitcoin.co.id and many more.

Cryptocurrency Trading

If you have previously received bitcoins from buying, following the method above and others, but want to get additional free bitcoins again, then you can trade cryptocurrencies.

However, it should be noted. Trading cryptocurrencies is one of the activities with high risk, if not done with sufficient knowledge.

Therefore, before trading, it is important to learn trading, want to learn trading from the basics, such as getting to know trading terms, trading analysis and much more.

You can get information about cryptocurrency trading easily, whether it’s through books, ebooks, youtube videos, websites, seminars or others.

Those are some ways to get bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that you can try, especially if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the options above you can try one by one and determine which one you think is suitable and easy to get bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Each of the bitcoin providers above certainly has its own terms and conditions, so make sure you comply with these to make it easier for you to get the bitcoins.

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