1Step DeFi Exchange | Register and Get 1 STEP (~ $1)

1Step Review

1Step is a DEX aggregator with the best liquidity and pricing. 1Step integrates a large number of DEXs and covers all cryptocurrencies on mainstream decentralized exchanges, providing users with optimal swap routes and best swap ratios. No handling fee is charged at 1Step.

Zero commission! 1Setp empowers Takeers in exchange for referrals and trading & mining. The takers are not traditional “Takers”, they can be avid Miners. Medium and small investors can engage in DeFi and become part of the DeFi ecosystem, instead of being outsiders constrained by high DeFi thresholds.

1Step DeFi Exchange | Step By Step Join

  1. Make sure you have the App Trust Wallet
  2. Then Copy this link https://www.1step.exchange/?r=1Hj85oBL
  3. Paste the Browser Column in the daPP Menu
  4. Click the Generate Now menu
  5. Click the Metamask icon
  6. You will get a link
  7. Share to get more rewards
  8. Finished


  • Easy task, you just need a trust wallet application
  • Limited supply of only 20 million STEP has the potential to compete with BTC

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