3 Free Ethereum Cloud Mining Service Providers

Cloud mining is the easiest cryptocurrency mining method to do. There are several sites free Ethereum cloud mining available to Ethereum miners. The word free or free means that miners do not have to pay an initial fee to the service provider.

Miners can choose to upgrade the package if they want to earn more Ethereum. But if you are satisfied with the free version, you don’t need to make any initial deposit or deposit to be able to mine Ethereum on sites that provide free cloud mining services.

Understand How Cloud Mining Services Work

If you could mine Ethereum for free on certain cloud mining services, how would those services benefit? Initially, many miners will tend to upgrade their chosen mining package to a mining plan that can bring more profit.

This can give better results. But this method also requires miners to pay adequate fees. If you don’t want to upgrade your mining plan to a higher level, the cloud mining service provider will take only a small part of the miner’s earnings.

This fee is usually collected at the end of each month. This fee is known as rent because you rent mining equipment from the website.

Various Provider Sites Free Ethereum Cloud Mining

There are many sites that do provide cloud mining services for miners who are interested in collecting Ethereum. The following are a selection of Ethereum cloud mining service provider websites that you can consider.

1. Swiss Gold Global or SGG

This website has been operating for more than 10 years since it was first established. This website has built a good reputation as a professional, legal and respectable company in offering a wide range of crypto coins to mine, including Ethereum.

SGG offers a secure platform for you to use for mining Ethereum. In total, SGG has 4 different levels of cloud mining or cloud mining. The paid version ranges from USD 249 to USD 5000.

The SGG company also has an affiliate program that you can use to earn additional Ethereum earnings.

2. Nice Miner

Nice Miner is an alternative cloud mining service provider site that you can consider if you are looking for a free cloud mining service for Ethereum. This company allows you to mine even without using any hardware.

Nice Miner also offers bonuses in the form of free registration and the best support services that can respond faster. Nice Miner also provides a referral or affiliate program like SGG’s.

You can choose from 3 different mining levels in Nice Miner, i.e. 3 month plan, 5 year plan, or lifetime plan. The cost varies and is more affordable than the services of other companies.

3. Ethereum Miner

Another website to consider is Ethereum Iner which is a well-optimized and user-friendly cloud mining service provider. This company offers fast setup and various packages to choose from according to your wishes.

There are many more websites that offer free Ethereum cloud mining. Before you choose a mining site, be sure to find out more about Ethereum from a reliable source, namely mediaauthority.co. Find all crypto info on Media Authority.

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