3 Risks of Dogecoin Mining Free that You Need to Understand

Mining Dogecoin you can do in many ways. Some are paid but some are free. One of the ways Dogecoin mining free or mining Dogecoin for free requires miners to prepare hardware in the form of a PC or it could be a laptop.

Many think that mining Dogecoin on a computer is quite difficult because the device is too compact. Laptops are usually slim and have a dedicated GPU that gamers like but are not really good for mining due to the lack of heat dissipation.

Try Dogecoin Mining Free on Laptop

Although many do not advise you to mine Dogecoin, miners can still use some special laptops whose specifications are adequate to carry out the mining process. But before trying, first understand some of the risks of mining Dogecoin for free.

The first thing you need to understand about Dogecoin mining is the volatile or volatile nature of the cryptocurrency. You can get 300 Doge in a week but next week it could be that the Doge you have turns out to be completely worthless. Other risks include:

1. Increased damage to your laptop

The Dogecoin mining process requires your laptop device to work continuously for hours. This means that the life of your laptop’s internal system will be affected and there could be serious damage to the hardware you are using without taking a break.

2. Soaring electricity bills at home

Laptops are equipped with powerful GPUs and usually don’t have long-lasting batteries. This means that you have to make sure your laptop has a power supply every day. Electricity bills will also increase more than usual.

3. Limited GPU and Nvidia available

If you decide to build a rig Dogecoin mining free and using multiple GPUs, be aware that the rapidly increasing popularity of mining is causing GPU products to dwindle and become increasingly difficult to find.

Nvidia got annoyed that the new miners were buying up all the GPUs so that gamers who were their main target market didn’t get the GPU that was actually reserved for gamers. Nvidia is also limiting GPUs for miners.

The GPUs available to miners are limited to the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, and 3080 only. This limitation reduces Dogecoin mining performance.

How to Do Free Dogecoin Mining

To be able to mine Dogecoin for free, you need to prepare a Dogecoin wallet first. It aims to collect all the Doge gains that you have earned. A good Dogecoin wallet is Atomic waller, available for iOS and Android.

After setting up your Dogecoin wallet, you can follow these few steps to start mining Dogecoin easily and for free.

  1. Visit the official UnMineable website in https://unmineable.com. There will be 3 menus at the top of the main window, namely Referrals, Downloads, and Coins. Click on the Download menu. There are two versions available which can be downloaded and run on 64 bit Windows devices.
  2. Next, install the UnMineable software on the laptop by clicking on the green button.
  3. Extract files and store them in an easily accessible location, for example in the Desktop folder.
  4. Double click on the file unMineable Miner 1.1.0-beta so the unMineable desktop application will open.
  5. Then you can start mining Dogecoin for free with the app.

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