3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal (Safe, Fast and Reliable)

How to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal – There are many ways you can buy bitcoins for the amount you want. Usually, if you are on a local exchange, it is possible to make a deposit using a local bank and buy the bitcoins.

However, if you use an exchange outside Indonesia, usually the deposit method is very difficult for users in Indonesia. However, there is one of the easiest ways that you can buy bitcoins using paypal.

Well, in the following discussion, we will recommend several markets that you can use to buy bitcoin using paypal very easily.

3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

Coinbase allows users to link their paypal account on the user’s coinbase account. Later, after the paypal account is linked, users can buy bitcoin using paypal very easily and quickly.

  1. First, you must have an account with Coinbase. If you don’t have one, register directly through coinbase.com, besides that you need to follow the instructions from the exchange to verify some of the required data.
  2. After having an account on Coinbase you can login
  3. On the coinbase page, please enter the settings menu
  4. On the settings page you will see the account link section, please press the new account button
  5. Continue by pressing the add payment method menu
  6. Then in the available options, select paypal
  7. At the next stage, you will be asked to enter some required information, then you will also be redirected to the paypal page to login with the aim of linking the paypal account to your coinbase
  8. After the paypal account is successfully linked you can make purchases of bitcoins using paypal.

Buy Bitcoin at LocalBitcoins

In addition to the exchange above, you can also buy bitcoin using paypal at LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer marketplace that provides bitcoin purchases using PayPal and several other payment methods.

  1. First, please visit the LocalBitcoins website and register
  2. At the next stage, you will be given 2 options to choose from to buy bitcoins:
    • The first option is to search for ads used by BTC sellers. after finding the Quick Buy option you can press the dropdown and select paypal, then press the buy button. In the next stage, you can see the information from the transaction, please fill in and specify correctly, then press the Send trade request menu
    • For the second option, you can place your own ads. Please fill in the information as you need, for example payment method, currency, nominal and others.

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Buy Bitcoin on PaxFul

PaxFul is almost the same as the LocalBitcoin market, which is peer-to-peer. In this market there are also many payment options, including paypal. Here’s how to buy bitcoin using paypal on PaxFul.

  1. Please register an account on the official PaxFul page
  2. Then you are required to verify the cellphone number and make a security question in the settings section
  3. On the PaxFul page, please press the Buy Bitcoin menu
  4. In the next section, you can also choose the IDR option
  5. Then enter the amount of bitcoin you want along with the payment method
  6. Then press the search button
  7. Next, you will see many lists of bitcoin price offers sold by btc sellers, please choose and determine according to your needs
  8. Then press the Buy menu if you are sure
  9. Make sure all the information you need is correct
  10. Continue by pressing the Buy Now button and you will be asked to complete the payment via paypal.

Those are some ways to buy bitcoin with paypal. Of the several markets that we recommend above, you can try them one by one, which market do you think is suitable and easy to use.

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