3 Ways to Mining Zcash and 2 Things You Need

As of May 2022, Zcash has occupied the 49th position in the cryptocurrency market with a market capitalization of approximately USD 3 billion. Until now, Zcash is still very popular, especially among blockchain developers. Are you interested in learning yourself? how to mine Zcash?

Initially, Zcash was named Zero Cash Protocol which was a fork of Bitcoin. The name Zcash has been around since 2016. What makes Zcash different from Bitcoin is its transparency and privacy. There are several methods you can choose from to mine Zcash.

Various How to Mining Zcash Easy and Effective

Like mining Bitcoin, Zcash miners can choose one of the most suitable and convenient methods for them to use. If you’ve never mined Zcash before, learn about some of the most popular methods below:

1. Mining in the mining pool

This one mining activity is also commonly known as pool mining. Pool mining is a way of mining by combining individual CPU and GPU mining with other miners. The miners who joined will also get a reward together.

The computing power of each miner into the network will affect the earning of these rewards. The weakness of this method is the mining yield which can be reduced because it depends on the number of members gathered.

But the potential for successful block verification is higher. Unfortunately, some participants are required to pay a fee in order to join one of the mining pools.

2. Mining solo or solo

Even though it’s not as popular as it used to be, you can still try this solo mining method sometimes. The presence of GPU technology that is more sophisticated and profitable is what makes how to mine Zcash this one is no longer popular. Even lower processing power tools will have a hard time making a profit.

The processing power formed by combining several participants can be stronger because these participants ensure that the mining products are spread at an even rate and based on the power each participant exerts during the mining process.

3. Mining Zcash by blocking rewards

After verification of each block, the Zcash blockchain is able to issue a reward of 3,125 ZEC. The block verification itself will occur once every 75 seconds. If you are part of a mining pool or mining pool, the distribution of prizes will occur evenly.

This division is combined in a mining pool based on the amount of computing power that you and other miners use when you and other mining members perform block mining.

The Essentials you need to Mine Zcash

Software and hardware are very important requirements for mining Zcash. The software used should run on the best hardware. So that both can work together and provide mining results after miners run the algorithm.

In mining Zcash, you can choose to use ASIC or GPU.


ASIC was developed for Bitcoin mining. ASIC chips are created to work at the highest processing speeds.

2. GPU

GPUs were created to process graphics on computers faster. Many GPU users are individuals who prefer flexibility as ASIC processors and CPUs feel more rigid to mine coins other than Bitcoin.

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