3WM Airdrop | Register and Get 200 3WM

3WM is a global industrial project dedicated to protecting the environment and improving living conditions.

3WM develops innovative solutions and supports companies that make significant improvements to the environment through cryptocurrencies dedicated to a circular economy in 3 areas: water, waste and mobility.

3WM’s main motto is to invest in leading the global ecosystem for a sustainable world.

3WM Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT
  2. pass the BOT test
  3. Join the 3WM Telegram group and channel
  4. Follow twitter and retweet post
  5. Follow Facebook
  6. Follow instagram
  7. Follow youtube, like and share the video
  8. Follow the ICO Announcemet twitter and retweet the tweet about 3WM
  9. Answer the Quiz whose answer is A. Electricity
  10. Enter your ETH ERC20 address
  11. Finished

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