4 Best Bitcoin Mining Site Recommendations

Cloud mining is increasingly popular among the public because the rising price of Bitcoin makes many people want to mine Bitcoin without using sophisticated and expensive equipment. Available Bitcoin mining site which is easy for you to use and credible.

Mining is still a profitable activity. But the increasing popularity of Bitcoin makes the number even more limited. So that the mining process also becomes more difficult for you to do. But if you still want to mine, use the cloud mining method.

Cloud Mining in Bitcoin Mining Site

There is an easier way to get Bitcoin, which is to buy Bitcoin on an exchange. But if you prefer mining or mining activities, do Bitcoin mining with the cloud mining method from the following trusted websites.

1. CCG Mining

This cloud mining company offers lower power consumption while increasing the hashing capacity needed for cloud mining. For private investors, CCG Mining offers a variety of mining contracts for the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Some of the well-known cryptocurrencies include Dash, Monero, Zcash, ETH, BTC, LBRY, or LTC. This mining website is famous for its flexibility and affordable prices. Users can invest in cloud mining, coin mining, or special VIP packages.

Contracts available at CCG Mining are available in 1 year and unlimited options. Each contract has different features and pricing plans.

2. HasFox

Bitcoin mining site this one is the only mining site that also sells mining rigs or Bitcoin mining rigs. HashFox also provides Wily insurance which allows temporary contract termination without losing the mining days you have already lived.

This insurance can be used if the miner feels the mining contract he has chosen does not generate profit or profit. Apart from offering cloud mining for Bitcoin, HashFox also provides cloud mining services for other cryptocurrencies, namely Zcash and Litecoin.

You can choose one of 3 hardware devices provided by HashFox, namely Bitmain S9 14TH, Whatsminer M20S 68TH, and Innosilicon T2T + 30TH.

3. JustMining

This cloud mining site supports mining for various cryptocurrencies such as ZEC, ETC, ETH, and BTC. Most of the reviews or reviews about this website are positive and highlight the practical and easy payment flow.

The problem is that this website is only available in French. Miners who are interested in mining on this website must have expertise in the French language to be able to understand the available contracts and perform mining on JustMining.

4. Bitcointrain

Another website that can be trusted to generate Bitcoin is Bitcointrain which offers contracts with a minimum duration of 1 year. You can provide a low and not burdensome initial deposit or deposit. This site is suitable for new Bitcoin miners.

The profit that can be generated by this website is an average of 0.5%. Bitcointrain promises that miners can use the mining equipment for as long as they want. Which of the four Bitcoin mining site above which would you use for Bitcoin mining?

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