4 Best Legit Cloud Mining Websites

Looking for a website legit cloud mining where you can mine cryptocurrency and make a profit? Cloud mining is designed to make it easier for miners to mine in mining pools.

In this mining method, the same amount of profit is distributed among the participants who take part in the mining pool. This method makes it easy for you to mine cryptocurrencies without installing complicated and noisy hardware.

Website Legit Cloud Mining Trustworthy

To start online mining or cloud mining, you need to choose one of the various mining sites. Make sure the site of your choice provides security for your assets and offers a variety of useful features. The following websites are reliable examples.

1. Shamining

Released in 2018 in the United Kingdom, this website has mining centers in Cape Town, London, and San Jose. Shamining is a mining website designed for miners with limited knowledge of crypto.

The Shamining website also has a user-friendly interface. Anyone with just USD 100 can start mining on Shamining. Since 2018, Shamining has had more than 8,000 crypto investors.

To be able to mine crypto on the Shamining website, you need to register an account first. On the first investment, miners will get a bonus of 37%.


Website legit cloud mining the other is ECOS which is more than just ordinary mining. ECOS is the first crypto investment platform to have digital product tools and assets in an ecosystem.

This site is a site made by a company that you can trust because the website is a Bitcoin mining service provider with legal status. ECOS offers mining services for only one cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin.

Currently, ECOS is a company whose services are the mainstay of more than 90,000 users from various parts of the world.

3. Hash Shiny

Then there is a Bitcoin mining platform called Hash Shiny. This platform is faster and safer to use. Since being developed in 2017, Hash Shiny has been offering mining services for various cryptocurrencies, including the very famous Bitcoin.

Apart from Bitcoin, HashShiny also provides mining for various other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Decred, and Dash. To be able to start mining, you can first create an account. After that select one of the available packages.

Then you can pay for the package you selected earlier so you are ready to start mining your favorite cryptocurrency on HashShiny.io.

4. IQ Mining

This cloud mining service provider website has been operating since 2016. The feedback that appears for this website from its customers is also very positive. This company provides 3 packages that you can choose, namely Bronze packages, Silver packages, and Gold packages.

There are many cryptocurrencies available for you to mine. Registration is free, there are no fees for registration or subscription. IQ Mining company provides smart contracts to reduce or minimize risk.

Knowing various websites legit cloud mining just not enough. You still need to understand a lot about the crypto world so you can be better prepared for the math problems that await. Get information about crypto only from trusted sources, namely mediaauthority.co.

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