4 Easy Ways to Get Money in Bitcoin

Many beginners are still hesitant to start collecting bitcoins. The reason is of course because most people don’t know yet how to earn money in bitcoin. In fact, since the emergence of bitcoin since a decade ago, bitcoin has become a cryptocurrency the biggest in the world.

4 How to Earn Money in Bitcoin easily

1. Invest Using Bitcoin

Investment is how to get money in bitcoin which is classified as conventional, considering that many people have been doing this practice for a long time, although with different investment instruments.

Investing in BTC itself means that you will hold the value of the bitcoin until you find the right moment.

The right moment is when the price of BTC soars. This practice term is Hold On for Dear Life or HODL, which means holding BTC as a long term investment.

This method is appropriate for those who really place great trust in BTC that its value will continue to be positive.

For those who want to try this method, you should have a strong and stable emotional state. This is because, HODL is not as easy as it sounds. Store Bitcoins in a safe place until you find the right time to sell them.

2. Conducting Trading Activities

The next popular way to be able to make money from bitcoin is by trading. Option trading suitable for those who have trading chart analysis skills and are willing to take risks.

How come? In this practice, you should always monitor the bitcoin price movement as the currency price crypto this is very volatile.

Immediately exchange bitcoin for Rupiah after you see a price spike inside platform. Trading You can do it yourself 24 hours a week.

Even so, you should do some activities trading in platform reliable and fully operational. Trading platforms You should also be able to access it through your device smartphone to make it easier to monitor prices.

3. Micro Earnings: How to Get Money in Bitcoin Easily

This third method is quite promising, although the income you get is of course very limited. A number of platform such as Coinadder and Pay to Click (PTC) will pay users with bitcoins every time they watch an ad.

Another way to get micro earning is to complete the survey on line and watch videos on Youtube. One of micro earning platform what you can try is Bitcoinget. Earnings with micro earnings usually use the Satoshi unit which is the smallest Bitcoin fraction.

One Satoshi is worth 1/100 million bitcoin. So if it is calculated to the current price of BTC to Dollars, every hour of watching an ad will earn 0.05 Dollars.

4. Mining Bitcoin

The next way to earn money in bitcoin is to mine Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is done by adding new blocks to the network blockchain. To add a new block then you have to solve a complicated algorithm.

Of course, to be able to do this requires good technical mining skills and support for good computer specifications. However, for those who do not have good computer support, mining can use platform based on cloud only by renting the equipment offered.

5. Transaction Options

Cryptocurrency as currency can be used as a payment option. Various merchant has started accepting Bitcoin currency as a form of payment.

Of course you should monitor the volatility of Bitcoin when making payments. There are many how to get money in bitcoin as long as you want to always learn and keep up with the latest information.

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