4 Trusted and Best Cloud Mining Websites

Mining Bitcoin has become like a hobby for many people, especially during this pandemic. To be able to mine Bitcoin, you can visit the site trusted cloud mining which does provide mining services.

Online mining or cloud mining has several advantages. One of them is that miners do not need to have too deep knowledge about mining hardware. Miners also do not need to buy various expensive computer equipment.

Choice of Provider Website Trusted Cloud Mining

When you search for websites that provide cloud mining services, you will find many results popping up. But not everything you can trust to mine Bitcoin. Make sure the site is in the list of trusted websites that you can see below.

1. Hashing24

This Bitcoin miner website has been famous since 2015. This website has a fairly simple appearance. There are also 9 language options that you can customize to the needs of the miners who use the Hashing24 website.

This mining company partners with other well-known mining providers, such as BitFury. The level of service available on this website is also quite good and you can rely on as a new site visitor.

The price for mining on this website is between USD 19 to USD 68 for every 100 Tb per second.

2. Bitzfree

Another fairly trusted website for Bitcoin mining is called Bitzfree. This website is also quite famous. Every visitor who just registers at Bitzfree will get a prize of 2 GHs. In addition, Bitzfree also provides points that can increase mining speed.

Mining speed can increase by as much as 10% each time a visitor logs in or re-enters the Bitzfree website. The site also provides various other ways for visitors to mine in a much faster way.

For example, the site trusted cloud mining it will give Bitcoins if visitors do the tasks offered or follow Bitzfree social media accounts.

3. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is a multi pool based Bitcoin mining site. That is, not only Bitcoin that can be mined at Genesis Mining, but also various other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin and its friends.

Genesis Mining was founded in 2013 and already has a lot of enthusiasts, no wonder this website is widely known as one of the largest mining sites in the world. The advantage of this website is that the process is instant.

In addition, Genesis Mining is active around the clock for 24 hours. This website also has a good service and provides a variety of payment systems.

4. Wormminer

The Wormminer website has more than 150,000 miners and has become one of the websites that are in great demand by miners, especially those in Indonesia. The way mining is done on this website is very simple.

Miners only need to register on the website and will get a free mining machine. Miners can start mining immediately after getting the machine. Which of the four sites trusted cloud mining above which would you use?

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