5 Best Software for Ethereum Mining Free

As the price of Ethereum increases, mining crypto coins has become a popular trend in various circles. Interested in joining? Make sure to prepare equipment Ethereum mining free capable of obtaining optimal results.

In addition to requiring hardware that meets specifications, you also need special software to mine Ethereum. Curious about the software available in the market? Find the answer here.

Recommended Ethereum Mining Free Software

Some of the software below uses a computer graphics card to carry out the mining process. For crypto activists who use NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, here are some decent software options for you to consider.

1. NBMiner

NBMiner is one of the most popular Ethereum mining software among NVIDIA users. This software offers updates that can increase mining performance by up to 70% which affects the level of mining speed.

NBMiner is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Apart from being an Ethereum mining tool, this software can also function as a tool for mining other crypto coins such as BEAM, RVN, ZIL, and many more.

2. LolMiner

AMD users can choose LolMiner as the flagship software for mining Ethereum. Even though it’s available for AMD graphics, NVIDIA users can also use this software, although with different speeds and stability.

Just like NBMiner, LolMiner developers are quite nimble in issuing updates to improve device performance. In addition, the latest update can increase mining ability by up to 75%.

3. T-Rex Miner

T-Rex Miner is a mining software that offers speed. Specially present for NVIDIA graphics cards, this software is able to show its best performance on NVIDIA Maxwell or later.

T-Rex Miner supports various types of algorithms such as Autolykos 2, Kawpow, Octopus, and many more. With this feature, users can mine not only Ethereum but also other types of cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, the developer continues to roll out updates that include security improvements. The latest version also provides an interesting update that allows users to know the temperature of the device to prevent overheating.

4. GMiner

This free mining software is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Using this device, ethminers can mine through NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards at very low developer costs.

If you compare it to the speed-oriented T-Rex Miner, GMiner focuses more on performance stability. Besides being able to be used to mine Ethereum, this software also supports several types of algorithms such as Ethash, ProgPoW, Equihash, and many more.

With the support of these various algorithms, GMiner can be the right choice for mining other types of crypto coins. Most importantly, this software can still be used even if Ethereum switches to Proof-of-stake.

5. PhoenixMiner

The last software is PhoenixMainer. Compared to the T-Rex, this one device does have a higher rejection rate. However, the rejection rate is still within reasonable limits so that it is understandable.

PhoenixMiner supports AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Offering speed, this software can be the right choice for mining Ethereum in a mining pool. The most interesting thing about this software is that the cost is relatively low compared to other software.

PhoenixMiner can be used on both Linux and Windows operating systems. The good news, this software can also be downloaded for free.

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