5 Trusted Bitcoin Free Cloud Mining

If you want to get cryptocurrency like bitcoin, then one of the activities that can be done is mining bitcoin or more popularly known as bitcoin mining. One of the places that you can use to mine bitcoin is a cloud mining-based site. Some of them even without charging any fees, or referred to as free cloud mining bitcoin.

5 Trusted and Latest Free Cloud Mining Bitcoin Options

The advantages of mining bitcoin through -based sites cloud mining is that the devices you use don’t need to be expensive. You also don’t need to have more related knowledge mining hardware.

Not only that, some sites don’t even charge anything. Here are the site recommendations bitcoin cloud mining free for you:

1. Minergate

Source: Minergate.com

Minergate is mining platforms bitcoin that has been around for a long time and is quite popular.

Platforms it can be accessed by both PC and device users mobile.

If you want to use Minergate, the user must first register to create an account.

In this account, the balance of bitcoin mining results will be stored including user information.

You can download the Minergate application, then install it through the Google Play Store, so its security is guaranteed.

It doesn’t stop there, there are many useful features available in this application, such as pause and resume the mining process or the option to change files core core.

2. Bitzfree

Source: Facebook www.bitzfree.com

Site advantages cloud mining Bitzfree’s point is that this site will give its new users 20 GHs for free

In addition, whenever the user does login and go to dashboard, then the user will get an increase in speed mining up to 10 percent.

Therefore, you must verify to prove that you are not a robot. This high security is done by Bitzfree developers so that every user can mine fairly without the help of robots.

3. Eobot

Source: Miningbitcoinguide.com

Furthermore, Eobot is one of the sites free cloud mining bitcoin the oldest, famous, and credible because it is proven to be able to generate profits for its users.

site based cloud mining It was founded in the United States since 2013 and is available in the form of website as well as applications.

Users can start mining bitcoins for free on Eobot using a laptop or computer VGA card.

Here’s how to use Eobot:

  • Register at website Eobot by filling out the form according to the available data
  • Verify address e-mail
  • Login back to Eobot site
  • Entered into dashboard and search for “Products”
  • To get GH, click Faucet

4. Droid Miner

Source: APKPremier.com

Droid Miner is a based application cloud mining which you can use with your Android device to mine bitcoins.

The Droid Miner application has the advantage of not having annoying ads in the midst of user mining activities crypto.

Not only that, the features in Droid Miner are also available for free, so users are free to use them without having to pay first.

The balance and account management features in Droid Miner are quite good. Users are free to pause or continue the mining process.

5. AA Miner

Source: Google Play

Finally, the recommendation of -based applications free cloud mining bitcoin next is AA Miner.

This app does not provide in-app option purchase or purchases made within the app.

Even so, the advantage of this application is that there are no annoying ads in it.

Users can also freely do mining up to as much as 50 currencies crypto in AA Miner.

Not only that, AA Miner also provides algorithm services cryptonight which is a network anonymous blockchain, so that every party involved in the transaction will not be traceable.

Another advantage of AA Miner is the feature of setting the number of processor cores or chain when mining.

Before Choosing Free Cloud Mining Bitcoin

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