5 Trusted Bitcoin Wallets You Can Try

Of the many types of digital currencies that exist, Bitcoin is one of the most famous in Indonesia. Bitcoin and various other types of digital currency require a special wallet or wallet Bitcoin is trusted to store the digital currency.

Bitcoin wallet aims to store and secure Bitcoin so that you can make transactions or investments more conveniently. There are tons of Bitcoin wallet providers that you can choose from. Be sure to research each of the available wallets before choosing one.

Choice List Trusted Bitcoin Wallet and Safe

Because it is an intangible currency, Bitcoin also requires a wallet that is not physical. Among the many Bitcoin wallet options available, the following are some of the safest options for storing cryptocurrency virtual currencies.

1. Door

In Indonesia, Pintu has become a very well-known and trustworthy Bitcoin wallet platform. This wallet offers various conveniences in receiving, storing, and sending digital money securely.

This Bitcoin wallet is made by Curv.Co and is an online or cloud-based cryptocurrency asset storage platform. The security system owned by Pintu is very good and optimal.

2. Indodax

Furthermore, there is Indodax which is also very popular, especially among digital money investors who are still beginners. Indodax can help keep crypto assets safe while providing flexibility for its users to carry out various Bitcoin trading activities.

To obtain a Bitcoin wallet address from Indodax, users only need to register or register on the bitcoin.co.id website. Then the user will be able to send, receive, and store Bitcoins automatically on Indodax.

3. Exodus

Trusted Bitcoin Wallet The next one is called Exodus. This wallet has a beautiful and intuitive appearance. In addition, the security system owned by Exodus is also strict. This wallet will turn Bitcoins into a graphic portfolio.

Using Exodus is also very simple. Users of this Bitcoin wallet can exchange and store Bitcoin very easily, thanks to the help of a smart app.

4. Electrum

The advantage of this Bitcoin wallet is its simplicity. Electrum is very focused on speed and simplicity. This wallet platform for digital currency is very multifunctional because it can be operated on a variety of different devices.

You can operate Electrum on computers with Linux, Windows, Mac operating systems, even on Android devices. Electrum has remote servers. This wallet also comes with a customization feature for seed phrases. This Bitcoin wallet is open source.

5. Luno

Compared to the various wallets mentioned earlier, Luno is still a new player. Even so, this Bitcoin wallet is already very well known in Indonesia and is trusted by many users. Various activities can be done easily using Luno.

Luno is designed to be used not only in Indonesia, but also in various other countries, such as Singapore, Cape Town, and London. To use Luno, you can access it using the Android app or via a web browser on a smartphone or on a PC or laptop.

Many more trusted Bitcoin wallet which you can consider. For example, there are Trezor One and eToro. In addition to information about Bitcoin wallets, you also need other important information about Bitcoin, which you can get by visiting mediaauthority.co.

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