5 Ways to Make Money From Bitcoin, Fast and Proven!

At the beginning of the emergence of this cryptocurrency, bitcoin only had a low price. Currently, bitcoin or BTC has a price up to hundreds of times higher than its initial price.

Therefore, there are many how to get money from bitcoin which you should try.

5 How To Make Money From Bitcoin Fast and Proven

1. Trading

This is the activity of buying and selling BTC which is one of the most popular and fast ways to earn money from BTC. Trading suitable for those who have the ability to analyze trading charts and are ready to take risks.

Although it offers a fairly good speed for obtaining fresh funds, it is a high-risk method. Therefore, make sure you are really ready to do trading before doing it.

2. Trade with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now not only useful in activities trading between fellow activists cryptocurrency only, but also for some merchant who have accepted payments using bitcoin currency.

Call it a giant vendor like Starbucks accepts payments via BTC.

It’s just that, if you want to transact using BTC, pay close attention to how the volatility of BTC is at that time. Don’t let you fall into a loss because you use BTC when its value will go up.

3. Invest with Bitcoin

The next way to get money from BTC is to make BTC an investment instrument. You can hold BTC for some time until you get the best moment or the term that is often used by investors is Hold On for Dear Lifee (HODL).

This method is appropriate for those of you who have the ability to restrain emotions, evaluate and predict conditions in the future well.

If you take a wrong step, you may actually fall at a loss because of the value cryptocurrency which is very volatile.

Investing with BTC is a long-term investment so investors should use a hardware wallet to store their bitcoins.

4. Join the Affiliate Program

One of how to get money from bitcoin for beginners is to join affiliate programs from various companies cryptocurrency. The amount of money you make from this affiliate program also depends on the number of people who use it link your affiliate.

Therefore, you need patience in promoting your product to other people so that more and more people are interested. The amount of commission itself varies depending on the policies of each company cryptocurrency.

This method is suitable for those with a good social network. However, so that your credibility is not tarnished, you should be careful when choosing an affiliate program.

Do not choose affiliates from companies that are not clear because this risks lowering your credibility.

5. Serving Bug Bounties ICO Services

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings can already be found on various platforms platforms. However, the majority of ICOs launched on these platforms require upgrades and testing to avoid problems such as bugs annoying.

Therefore, you can provide services to find and find bugs and then report them to the developer company. Some of these companies will offer rewards in the form of bitcoins or other digital assets that you can convert into money.

6. Mine Bitcoin

This is the standard way to earn from BTC. However, to be able to mine BTC usually requires capital hardware qualified.

By knowing various how to make money from bitcoin, then you will find it easier to determine which method best suits your skills and desires.

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