6 Benefits of Using OKEx P2P Lending That You Must Know!

OKEx, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange, has been opening and expanding its services with P2P trading since January 27 that supports fiat currencies with various payment methods.

Each OKEx user will be able to buy and sell 15 types of cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees using their preferred local currency (supports 28 countries options) including Rupiah with a choice of payment methods including: Bank Transfer, OVO and Dana.

In addition, the presence of OKEx P2P can be an alternative for OKEx users to facilitate crypto-to-fiat transactions or vice versa. And it can be an ideal market driven by its interconnection with the widest range of crypto and crypto finance services currently offered on a single platform.

OKEx P2P helps you build a competitive peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading business. Get to know more about the advantages of the platform, as well as the opportunities that arise when you use the platform.

Get to know OKEx P2P which offers many advantages in the P2P market. Here Media Authority outlines some of the important things you need to know about your potential OKEx P2P trading experience.

Advantages of Trading on OKEx P2P

No Trading Fee

From day one until now, OKEx P2P has never charged any fees for any transactions on the platform.

This way, every transaction you make results in you getting the full profit, without worrying about fees or other hassles that come with other P2P crypto websites.

Supports Multiple Payment Methods and Fiat Currencies

OKEx P2P has also built a network of widely used payment channels as an available option for your P2P transactions.

OKEx supports 150+ payment methods worldwide, so you’re likely to find at least one that fits what you use most of the time.

We also offer 50+ fiat currencies, covering major P2P trading venues worldwide.

Wide and Global Market Coverage

OKEx’s network of payment channels and fiat currencies has turned OKEx P2P into an attractive global product, while many other P2P platforms are geared specifically towards a few markets.

While hyper-localization has its advantages, you can also see this local emphasis on OKEx P2P, even with global reach, through OKEx’s multi-lingual customer support and focus on supporting the largest payment providers in each region.

You can have local and global in one place with OKEx P2P.

Safe and Liquid Service Guarantee

We combine zero cost with global reach, and we add top-notch security and assurance on top of that combination.

Every OKEx P2P trade involves the protection of an escrow service, which ensures that each counterparty in a transaction is protected from any attempt by either party to act in bad faith.

Free Publishing Buy and Sell Ads

Not only trading fees on OKEx P2P are free. But for every OKEx user who wants to become a merchant on OKEx P2P (Verified or Unverified), OKEx frees the user fees.

Every user at OKEx can take advantage of the competitive spread feature between merchants at OKEx. What are Spreads? The spread is what we call the difference between the prevailing price on the buy and sell side of the P2P platform.

The right strategy in placing buy and sell ads will make the difference in realizing what you want to achieve in P2P trading.

You can make the spread thinner if you aim to gain more customers and gain more trust and a higher settlement rate, or you can widen the spread if you aim to focus on the profit side.

Free Rebate Card Starting from $500

Not only free buying and selling advertising fees on OKEx, every Verified Merchant on OKEx P2P is also entitled to an additional reward, namely a $500+ Rebate Card.

What is Rebate Card? rebate card is one of OKEx’s products which has a certain value starting from $100 to $1,000 and can be used to deduct trading fees (taker/maker fees) for every OKEx user.

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