6 Choices of Trusted Bitcoin Generating Apps and Sites

Bitcoin is one of a kind cryptocurrency which is quite popular and much contested by the world’s cryptocurrency miners. Cryptocurrency you can even use it as a transaction tool in some stores. For beginners, there are actually several bitcoin earning apps which you can use.

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Trusted and Credible Bitcoin Earning Apps and Sites

1. Fulldive Browser

Fulldive Browser is a form of bitcoin earning application that you can download and install on your device smartphone.

The players have the opportunity to get bitcoins for free by carrying out the available missions, such as surfing the internet.

The advantage of Fulldive Browser is that you can cash out the bitcoins you collect into eWallets such as Paypal and Gopay, so this application is suitable for beginners who do not understand how to operate a wallet. crypto.

Not only that, social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can also be connected to the Fulldive Browser.

2. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is a bitcoin earning app which has been officially released since 2012. Therefore, you no longer need to doubt its credibility.

To get paid in bitcoin, there are various missions that you must complete first.

Some of the missions that the user must complete include completing survey missions, playing games to take on challenges every day.

After a number of coins are collected, players can exchange these coins into bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin Farm

The Bitcoin Farm application is one of the most trusted types of applications that can generate bitcoins.

You can download this application directly through the Google Play Store, making it suitable for Android smartphone users.

Not only practical, Bitcoin Farm’s design is also very simple so it doesn’t confuse beginners.

You can also cash out your earnings to your bitcoin wallet every Saturday and Sunday.

4. Satoshihero.com, Mainstay Bitcoin Generating Site

In addition to applications that generate bitcoin, there are also several sites such as Satoshihero.com which offers rewards in the form of bitcoins to its users.

Through this site, users can get bitcoin faucets for free.

The way to get rewarded from Satoshihero.com is to register your account first.

Next, you have to complete the available tasks within a certain time span. This time span is usually very limited, eg only 10 minutes.

If the user is unable to complete the mission within that time span, then the user cannot claim the reward.

5. Crypto Tab Browser

Crypto Tab Browser application is a generating application cryptocurrency like bitcoin that you can access through your device smartphone and laptop. Your capital is only a qualified internet network.

If you don’t want to download and install the Crypto Tab Browser application, then you can install the extension version of this application in the browser only.

The missions given by Crypto Tab Browser are also quite simple, like using this application to surf the internet.

6. Storm Play

Storm Play app can help beginners to earn bitcoins and has been proven to pay its users.

Storm Play will pay users every 30 minutes using Ethereum, Bitcoin or Storm Tokens.

The advantage of Storm Play is that this application also offers various extra features that allow users to increase their income.

Users can also see the acquisition of funds through the scoreboard. In fact, not only can you see your own funds, the scoreboard also shows the top users’ funds.

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