6 Easy-to-Use Bitcoin Mining Software

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin certainly occupies the first position considering that BTC is the first cryptocurrency whose popularity is increasing. Therefore, many people and groups then try to mine BTC, one of which is by using bitcoin mining software.

Recommendation 6 Bitcoin Mining Software Easy to Use

1. Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a feature-rich bitcoin mining platform. The Cudo Miner software platform provides users with easy device setup so that users can mine cryptocurrencies with greater profits.

Many users claim that Cudo Miner helps in terms of reducing setup time so that users can immediately start mining bitcoins. This makes Cudo Miner a suitable software for beginners who want to try mining bitcoins.

2. Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is a bitcoin mining software that already has a great reputation for allowing its users to earn money by trading bitcoins. Apart from bitcoin, Bitcoin Miner also trades other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Miner has no hidden fees so it can be an option bitcoin mining software best for novice miners. It contains no commission fees or brokerage fees and is freely available to its users.

Although available for free, this platform is quite safe, both for beginners and experienced traders.

3. MinerGate

MinerGate was originally present as a Bitcoin mining site that is familiar to computer users. However, since 2014, MinerGate has launched a version of its application that you can access via Android smartphones.

The advantage of MinerGate is that this application offers a mining pool feature so that users can mine various cryptocurrencies without the need to lower the hash level. There are two mining options at MinerGate, namely cloud-based mining and mobile mining.

Mobile mining relies heavily on systems on smartphones while cloud mining will use rented devices.

4. AA Miner

If you want to use bitcoin mining software without ads, then make your choice on AA Miner. In this software there are not many annoying ads. You can also download this software for free on your smartphone so that users are free to mine Bitcoin.

In addition to bitcoin, AA Miner also provides up to 50 other types of cryptocurrencies.

5. Eobot

Just like MinerGate, the mining platform Eobot originally came as a cryptocurrency mining site. However, now Eobot has also available an application version so you can install it on a smartphone. Eobot offers bitcoin mining features for free on its platform although the number has decreased slightly.

There are two mining options offered by Eobot, namely free and paid. Free means that mining users use their smartphone devices. Meanwhile, if it is paid, mining users use a cloud system.

6. NeonNeon Miner

The next recommended mining software is NeonNeon Miner. This software provides an opportunity for users to mine Litecoin, Bitcoin, Vertcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.

The way to mine in NeonNeon Miner is that you will be taken into a crypto pool or mining pool. Then you can start mining here. NeonNeon Miner’s mining records are neat and detailed so they are convenient to use.

There are many more recommendations bitcoin mining software which is suitable for use by beginners who are just learning bitcoin mining. Find out more about the bitcoin mining software from https://mediaauthority.co/. CryptoMedia is an updated and credible news portal that you can rely on.

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