6 Popular Bitcoin Earning Online Games

The development of cryptocurrencies has attracted the interest of many people around the world. Many people flock to try their luck by collecting this digital currency. There are many ways to get bitcoin crypto, one of which is to play online game bitcoin generator.

Play games Bitcoin generators are more popular among beginner bitcoin hunters who don’t understand and don’t have supporting tools to mine BTC. There are several names of famous bitcoin games that can be tried as follows:

Recommended List of 6 Popular Bitcoin Earning Online Games

1. Pig Flap

Flap Pig game is games A popular Android that can generate a number of coins which you can then exchange for bitcoins. Game design Flap Pig is quite simple so it is easy for anyone to play it.

Games This can be an option for beginner bitcoin collectors who are just learning to get bitcoins. After a certain amount of bitcoin has been collected in the Flap Pig wallet, you can payout to cash it out to the wallet cryptocurrency.

It’s just, like games most bitcoin producers, the results collected are not too large.

2. Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is games bitcoin miners officially present in 2022 under the auspices developer Blingfi.

The tasks of the players in games Bitcoin Blast is to match bitcoins with certain colors that match the minimum number of blocks.

After completing the mission, to be able to proceed to the next level, players are required to watch advertisements from games this. Players will generally stop at every level multiplied by 10 and then wait again until they can play.

3. Alien Run

Alien Run is games with a very simple design so that anyone can easily play it. In the games this, the players have to run from the chase of aliens. The higher the level level players, the bigger the prize.

The rewards obtained from the Alien Run game are not too big but can be an option to collect cryptocurrency.

4. Bitcoin Blocks

Similar to Bitcoin Blast, Bitcoin Blocks also requires players to pair colorful bitcoin blocks of the same color. In bitcoin blocks, players have to match every two blocks of the same color to solve them.

When two blocks of the same color have been successfully solved, the players will get a level increase to a certain star. Movement in the game is also limited to a certain amount so that players cannot move their blocks randomly.

5. Coin Flapper

Coin Flapper Game is games bitcoin generator that has a design similar to the game Angry Bird. Bird games that were very popular and phenomenal in the last few years.

The players must throw a number of birds to hit a certain target. The higher the level you face, the more difficult the challenges in this game will be.

Every time the player is able to score a victory, the player will get a virtual money reward or bitcoin.

6. Bitcoin Solitaire

Games Bitcoin Solitaire has almost the same shape as games classic solitaire. The players are also free to place cards without a number limit.

If you win the game, you will get points that you can exchange into bitcoins.

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