6 Recommended Bitcoin Miner Android Apps

Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency that was first launched in 2009. Since its appearance, millions of people around the world have tried to compete to collect this one cryptocurrency. One way to collect BTC is through bitcoin miner android app.

List 6 Bitcoin Miner Android Application Most Recommended

1. NeonNeon Miner

NeonNeon Miner is an Android-based bitcoin mining application that has many fans. To start mining, NeonNeon Miner will lead its users to a mining pool or crypto pool. The advantage of NeonNeon Miner is its very detailed and detailed mining records.

Another advantage of NeonNeon Miner is its ability to detect the presence of an on-chip system in seconds. You can mine various cryptocurrencies from NeonNeon Miner such as Bitcoin, Vertcoin, and Litecoin.

2. Crypto Miner

Crypto Miner is an Android-based application which has a simple but attractive appearance and operation. This application is perfect for beginners because of its convenience in terms of device setup and so on.

To be able to mine on Crypto Miner, you can first enter into the crypto pool. Next, enter your mining credentials and select an algorithm from the dropdown menu. The next step is to determine the number of chains you want to include in the mining activity.

The drawback of this platform is that you can’t open all algorithms. Often, you have to pay for various popular algorithms in order to access them.

3. Droid Miner

Droid Miner is an Android based app for bitcoin mining that doesn’t show ads on the screen. The advantage of Droid Miner is its ease of use. You can mine various types of cryptocurrencies from Droid Miner such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and others.

Users can also run Droid Miner in the background so they can do other activities while doing other things. When the smartphone is in charging mode, Droid Miner can disable the program automatically.

4. MinerGate

Another well-known bitcoin mining application is MinerGate. This mining application was initially present in the form of a site that is more familiar to miners than PC. It’s just that, since 2014, MinerGate has been present in the form of an application so that you can access it with an Android smartphone.

The advantage of MinerGate is of course its users can mine various types of cryptocurrencies without lowering the hash level. Users can start mining using MinerGate after creating an account. After the account is created, the user will be faced with cloud mining and mobile mining options.

5. Eobot

This application was first present in 2013 and is based in the United States. You can access Eobot, either through the website or by downloading this application from your smartphone. Eobot often offers free bitcoins to miners, even though there are very few of them.

There are two mining options available, namely hardware mining and cloud mining.

6. AA Miner

What makes AA Miner interesting is that there are very few ads on the platform. Unlike most apps, AA Miner has very few ads so you won’t be bothered by the presence of ads. In addition, in-app purchases are also very limited.

AA Miner can be downloaded for free and then installed on an Android smartphone. There are 50 different cryptocurrencies available in AA Miner. The advantage of AA Miner is that you can determine the number of chains in it.

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