7 Free Bitcoin Mining Sites Suitable for Beginners

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has attracted many people to start collecting cryptocurrency. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is bitcoin (BTC). There are many ways to collect bitcoins, one of them is through the site free bitcoin miner which are widely spread on the internet.

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7 Sites Free Bitcoin Miner Suitable for Beginners

1. Eobot

Eobot is a free bitcoin mining site which is considered as one of the most popular sites miner world’s first bitcoin. This bitcoin mining site is also still quite legit and also popular. Many people trust the Eobot site as a free bitcoin mining site because it is proven to pay its users.

Since release The first time in 2013, Eobot is available in two forms, namely a website and an application. Users have the opportunity to earn a certain amount of free bitcoins although the amount is limited.

There are two mining options available in Eobot, namely free and paid mining. To start mining for free, you must first register at platform Eobot.

2. Bitzfree

Mining platforms the next free bitcoin is Bitzfree. Here, you will get a reward of 20 Ghs for free to start mining.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to earn points that you can use to increase mining speed by up to 10% each time a user login.

In order to enter the Bitzfree site, users must ensure that they are not robots. There are also many ways to upgrade mining speed such as following Bitzfree’s social media or completing the given mission.

3. Cryptotab

Cryptotab is a site and also plugins to earn Bitcoins for free. This site is actually almost similar to browser other internet sites such as Chrome, Safari and Mozilla but have advantages for mining bitcoins.

Although the amount of bitcoin you can earn is relatively small, however platform this is enough you can rely on to earn bitcoins for free.

The thing to remember, you should not save password in the browser Cryptotab internet. This is to avoid hacking attempts.

4. Cointiply

Site web The next free cryptocurrency is Cointiply. faucet platforms this is new release in 2018, so it is still relatively new. Although still young, users claim that this site is legit and proven to be able to pay bitcoin hunters on this site.

In fact, the Cointiply site also includes a site faucet which provides the highest payout in the form of a bitcoin bonus. It has been recorded that tens of millions of Faucet claims have been successfully made on the Cointiply site.

5. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin faucet site is one of the most popular sites.

How come? This site provides useful referral codes for its users to get more digital assets. No need to hesitate, the Moon Bitcoin site is also willing to pay every 5 minutes.

Moon Bitcoin user task is to unlock five browser then let browser keep it open for 5 minutes. Then the user can start claiming Bitcoin. In Moon Bitcoin, users can also collect altcoins such as Dash.

6. Bitcoinker

Bitcoinker is a site for getting bitcoins for free through a series of simple tasks. The usual tasks available on this site are things like watching ads and writing captchas.

Users can claim up to 7 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

This site will give referral commission as much as 10% even up to 25% for senior users. Bitcoinker payments are only made at the beginning of the month.

There are many more platforms free bitcoin miner available on the internet that you should know. Existence platform is growing rapidly considering the conditions of the crypto market which are indeed volatile.

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