8 List of Bitcoin Investment Places, Already Registered with CoFTRA

The price of bitcoin continues to climb up several times even breaking new records which are quite fantastic. His extraordinary movement made many people tempted to start investing in bitcoin. Crypto investment you should do in trusted bitcoin investment place under the supervision of CoFTRA.

CoFTRA or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency is a government agency to oversee the movement of crypto assets. So far, there have been 13 institutions registered with CoFTRA. Here are some officially registered companies.

8 List Trusted Bitcoin Investment Place Registered CoFTRA

1. Indodax

Indodax is a marketplace or platform for buying and selling crypto currency assets for the first time in Indonesia. As a credible platform, Indodax is owned by PT INDODAX NASIONAL INDONESIA. So far, there are nearly 2 million verified members who use the Indodax platform to carry out cryptocurrency trading activities.

Apart from being safe, there are many claims that Indodax is the largest exchange platform in Indonesia. Users can also access Indodax either through the mobile application or the website. You can download the mobile application on the Google Play Store.

To start trading on Indodax, you must provide a minimum deposit of IDR 500,000. Users must also verify using a photo of their ID card and selfie holding their ID card.

2. My Account

The next official cryptocurrency marketplace is My Account. My Account Marketplace is a platform owned by PT Accountku Dotcom Indonesia and has been officially registered with CoFTRA since 2022. Through my Account, buyers and sellers of digital assets can meet each other.

To register in my Account, users must upload a photo of their identity card and take a selfie. Selfie photos must be holding a piece of paper that says “Verify at Accountku.com” along with a signature. For additional information, the minimum deposit in my account is IDR 50,000.

3. Crypto Store

Furthermore, this digital asset exchange platform has also been officially registered with CoFTRA. TokoCrypto itself is owned by PT Crypto Indonesia Berkat which has been present since 2017.

TokoCrypto is available in the form of mobile applications and websites that you can download for free through the Google Play Store. Features in TokoCrypto include cut loss or stop loss features, chart analysis, short-selling.

To use TokoCrypto, users must perform KYC verification. KYC verification includes filling in personal data, uploading ID photos, taking selfies with random and normal movements. The minimum deposit at TokoCrypto is IDR 50,000.

4. Luno

This platform actually comes from the UK but since 2014 it has entered Indonesia and is registered with CoFTRA. Luno is an exchange for buying, selling, transferring and storing crypto digital assets. Users can access Luno through a mobile application that you can download via the Google Play Store.

Registration is done by scanning an official identity card and also filling in personal data. The minimum deposit required at Luno is IDR 50,000. Luno’s trading features include chart analysis as well as a stop loss feature.

5. Door

The next exchange that is officially registered with CoFTRA as a Prospective Crypto Asset Physical Trader is Pintu. Pintu is owned and managed by PT Pintu Kemana Saja which is a smartphone application-based platform for selling, buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies.

The Pintu feature is focused on its mobile apps, making this application much liked. The registration and verification process at Pintu is the same as on any other platform. The minimum deposit required is IDR 50,000.

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