AMA Recap ZB Exchange with Media Authority Indonesia Community

Place and Date:, 02 July 2022

Guest: Jane (Operations Director ZB.COM)

Reward: $100 Lucky Envelope

On July 2, 2022, Jane as the representative of joined the group to conduct an AMA in the crypto media community to introduce to the Indonesian community.

In this AMA session, it is divided into 3, namely:

  1. Introduction about ZB Exchange
  3. Lucky Envelope USDT

AMA Recap ZB Exchange With Media Authority Community

AMA Recap ZB Exchange

Get acquainted with ZB Exchange

Hosts: Hi Jane, could you introduce yourself and ZB to our community users?

Jane: Yes, Hi, my name is Jane, ZB operations manager. I feel very honored to be here. And I’ve been working with ZB for over two years. ZB was founded in 2013, has provided digital asset trading services to more than 10 million users worldwide, with a history of secure operation of more than 7 years and an average daily trading volume of more than 3 billion US dollars. And recently we just finished our 7th year online summit. We held 6 AMAs to discuss hot spots in the blockchain industry. And we invite Roger Ver, Bitcoin Jesus to attend our Forum 5.

ZB’s user base is in China, and China has the largest crypto market. And in the last 7 years, ZB has done a great job. ZB is now the largest exchange with most small traders. And ZB has succeeded in building community articulation in ZB APP. Now ZB APP has more than 6000 communities and 200K chat users.

Since ZB has performed very well in China, from now on it turns to the international market. So today I am going to share our main product which helps users to earn profit.

ZB Exchange’s Journey To Date

Hosts: Wow. That’s impressive. How could ZB grow this big?

Jane: ZB was one of the earliest exchanges. Founded in 2013, and in 2016, CCN reported that CHBTC (the predecessor to ZB) is one of China’s digital currency exchanges. In 2017, Nasdaq reported that CHBTC (ZB) is the world’s largest digital currency exchange.

ZB’s security level has been recognized by our users. And in 7 years of ZB history, ZB has never been hacked. More than 80% of user funds are stored offline and the funds are physically isolated from the network, which greatly increases the security level of user funds. Sensitive data is encrypted by sharing redundancy, which is encrypted by AES-256, and stored independently of the server.

ZB installs a security alert system and real-time monitoring system on your server and builds a high level of server security protection that can effectively prevent serious consequences caused by extreme attacks.

Security is the main reason users choose ZB. And we are constantly working on products to serve our users.

Get to know a good project from ZB Exchange

Hosts: So, what is a good ZB project? Can you introduce us?

Jane: Right. The aim of AMA is to introduce good ZB products which can help users to earn profit with little risk. So I will not introduce every product except the good ones. And here I will introduce Special API trader plan we just launched yesterday, and we have released a banner about it.

I will introduce ZB QC Savings.

As we all know, the most important thing that API users pay attention to is transaction fees (fees). Now come to ZB to become an API trader, you can enjoy as low as 0 transaction fees for Market Maker, and 0.02% for Market Taker (Pay with ZB).

Our transaction fee rates are very competitive in the market. And we don’t demand the huge amount of ZB tokens that users have to have in their accounts. They just need to deposit more than 100 ZB. Now 1 ZB is around 0.23 USDT.

This campaign is for one month only. And interested users can fill in the google form (Google form link: and register to become API user on ZB. We will prioritize reviewing yours.

In addition to low transaction fees, special fire maker enjoy low interest loan rights and other great customer service, can adjust the withdrawal amount of assets according to requirements.

What is QC Savings?

Hosts: OK, then what is QC Savings?

Jane: Now ZB Savings supports 19 digital assets. And we just launched QC Savings. Now the yield rate of QC Savings is 9.5%, much higher than any other savings product on the market.

Many users may be concerned about the risk of high returns. In fact, this is the result of dividing ZB 80% interest income from QC margin trading loans.

Please see the QC loan interest rate.

The yield interest rate is 0.002084% * 24 * 365 18.25%, and the QC Savings 14.29% yield rate is approximately 80% of the QC Lending yield rate.

ZB’s goal is to expand QC’s influence and reward our users. So ZB is really able to monetize user revenue.

Sorry, interest rates have been changed. not 14.29% anymore as more users deposit their funds

And in ZB Savings, users can deposit and withdraw at any time, receiving their returns daily.

But the yield interest rate fluctuates slightly every day, the more users join, the less the yield interest rate. So the sooner you log in, the more you earn.

Getting to Know QC For Users

Hosts: Wow, that’s very interesting for users. But some users may worry about the QC utility because they have never heard of it. Can you give a little intro about it?

Jane: GOOD. QuickCash ( issued Qcash (QC) promising digital assets, and QC has now become one of the most popular stablecoins in the world

QuickCash aims for decentralization, free circulation, exchange rate stability, and security compliance to provide a better use of stablecoins for the market. And on the official website, you can see the QC circulation and appointment ratio on time.

What are the future plans of ZB Exchange?

Hosts: What are ZB’s plans for the future?

Jane: This month, ZB has just celebrated its 7th anniversary, and 7 years is just the beginning. In the future, we will focus on international markets, such as Binance.

We have launched India OTC market in April. And in the future, ZB will successively open the OTC market for many regions, aiming to become an international exchange. In addition, we will continue to work on community ecology within our APP.

And to thank the community users in the cryptomedia telegram group, we have prepared a 100 usdt lucky envelope for you. Everyone who downloads ZB APP and joins ZB English hot chat can pick up lucky envelopes and receive random tokens.

Thanks to Jane and ZB Exchange for AMA at Media Authority Indonesia

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