Amid ‘Hurricane’ Evergrande, Optimistic to Come With Decentralized Swap Feature

Jakarta – The storm of crisis that is being experienced by the Chinese real estate giant, has made the majority of cryptocurrencies fall.

Reported by Forbes, the massive sell-off in crypto assets in recent days was caused by concerns that The Evergrande Group failed to pay its debts, so that it could have an impact on the weakening of the Chinese economy.

Although crypto assets have started to rebound, they still make investors wary.

In the midst of the threat of a crisis in the Bamboo Curtain country and the high volatility of crypto asset values, a global-oriented start-up company,, is optimistic by presenting a decentralized Swap feature. CEO, Andrew Suhalim said “As a Decentralized Exchange platform, carries the concept of blockchain, namely decentralization. By adopting a decentralized system, digital asset trading transactions on will be controlled automatically by smart contracts.”

In other words, crypto asset exchange transactions are held directly by each user in a personal wallet and do not involve third parties in storing the digital assets.

This decentralized scheme is an additional option for the crypto market in Indonesia, which uses a more centralized system.

As a decentralized exchanged platform, adopts the world’s popular blockchains, such as the Binance Smart Chain. This strategy will make the market ecosystem bigger because it is globally oriented.

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