AMZ X Momoex Exchange Airdrop

AMZ and Momoex Exchange Review

MOMOEX Platform Digital asset management and trading, founded in November 2018, headquartered in Singapore, provides digital asset management and trading services to global customers. Currently, it has 650,000 registered users and 230,000 loyal active users, with a daily management fund of $86 million.

Through continuous efforts, MOMOEX has opened and operates spot, otc, futures and leveraged trading plates, and provides external lending and financial management services for related digital assets. Currently, it supports 43 major currencies and more than 100 related tokens, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, BTS, DASH, ETC.

and as for Amazon International Public chain, Chinese name “Amazon International Public Chain”, code “AMZ”. AMZ international public chain is an open, stable, efficient and secure international chain.

Ecological block chain application technology as the core, IoT fusion, artificial intelligence, big data technology, such as advanced science and technology, on the one hand, to build on the other, high performance, high concurrency, scalable, and low industrial system tools.

To pass the assignment of the economy to the real economy, solve the problem of the entity’s industry in the process of capitalization development. AMZ international chain will be further improved and updated, and more exchanges, malls, games, etc.

In order to list AMZ coins, Momoex exchange is holding an Airdrop event for every new member who participates

AMZ X Momoex Exchange Airdrop | Step by Step

Airdrop activities are divided into 2

  1. Activity 1: Inviting prizes with a total allocation of 20,000 AMZ, 5 AMZ for each new user invited, with a maximum reward of 500 AMZ ( 500 USDT ) for each individual who successfully invites. sign up steps,
    • Register at Momoex Exchange
    • Fill in the registration form
    • Enter code TEGQELZ if needed
    • Activate email or mobile number
  2. Activity 2: New user registration award, total allocation of 28000 AMZ.
    • share activity posters to circle of friends,
    • Complete real name authentication (KYC) to get 10AMZ (10USDT value).
  3. Contents Google forms to recap data ( Activity 1)
    • Fill in the Momoex UID Exchange Number
    • Screenshot of your proof of trading on the platform
  4. Finished


  • The event takes place from June 17th ~ June 23, 2022
  • All participants must share their activity on Twitter and fill out the form to receive the prize
  • To ensure fairness of the event, MOMOEX platform real name authentication must be completed to receive the award;
  • has the invitation completed the certification, the invitation and the prize will be effective;
  • In the event of malicious brushing or cheating, MOMOEX reserves the right to de-qualify the user’s participation;
  • The MOMOEX platform reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity
  • The above activities are limited in number, on a first-come-first-served basis. In case of excess, prizes will be awarded in the order of filling out the form and completing real name authentication.

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