Anticipating the Rise of Hacking, Will Use Certified Auditors

The emergence of various hacking threats against state ministries/agencies allegedly carried out by Mustang Panda from China, made many parties panic. The crypto asset sector is no exception.

In the past month, Cryptocurrency platforms in various countries have also been victims of hacking by black hackers. This condition certainly makes digital asset investors worried.

With the emergence of new crypto assets, it seems to be sugar for black hackers to seek profit by illegal means.

Anticipating this, the platform mitigates by using well-known auditors at the global level such as Certik.

CertiK is one of the most trusted blockchain security technology companies in the world and a leader in research and innovation.

Certik will be the auditor for every smart contract.

The function of smart contracts in a decentralized exchange platform is very crucial. The reason is, smart contracts are the key that is connected to the blockchain, to run projects on the platform, such as staking, farming, NFT and others.

Co-Founder of, Firza al Ariq said, “besides using Certik, will also hold a Bug Bounty program and smart contract insurance as a series of mitigating the risk of hacking threats.”

As the most complete platform that adopts some of the world’s popular blockchains, wants to provide a sense of security and comfort to its investors. Moreover, the decentralized system is difficult to hack, making a favorite choice for crypto asset lovers.

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