Apollo Fintech Airdrop | Register and Get 200 GSX

Apollo Fintech is Gold Secured Currency, also known as GSX, a revolutionary stable coin that gives its owner the advantage of having a minimum asset value and also facilitates value growth. GSX combines many elements of the best cryptocurrencies into one secure coin.

The way Secure Gold Currency works is that 25% of the profits generated from all international product sales and Apollo Fintech transaction fees, as well as a large portion of the profits from the 3,700 acres of gold and platinum mines, will be used to buy gold and precious metals rich soil for GSX returns. .

All these increases in gold and land value will be tracked and displayed weekly, so GSX owners can watch as their assets increase in value. All GSX holders will become partial owners of the rights to the Apollo Fintech precious metal mine, this is because the rights to these claims have been placed in the trust and GSX holders have been designated as beneficiaries of these rights.

Apollo Fintech Airdrop | Step by Step


  • Distribution is carried out after 2 weeks of the airdrop ending and will be further informed via email that you fill in the airdrop form.
  • GSX will be listing in 3 markets at once, namely HitBTC, IDAX, and CoinBene.

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