Arc Iris X Kumex (Kucoin) Airdrop

Arc Iris X Kumex (Kucoin) AirdropARCS is basically a token that depends on the Ethereum platform. However, the operating situation of the Ethereum platform is about to reach its limits, which has sparked concerns about its future prospects.

Of course, there is still a great chance to improve the situation. However, we are considering re-issuing ARCS using a platform that is potential and highly scalable compared to the current platform.

Overall, not only will we issue settlement tokens that have settlement capabilities, but we will also issue governance tokens, which are committed to managing the world of Are, and regionality-compliant security tokens. We will do our best to develop ARCS because it will contribute to a new world.

ARCS Airdrop is 13 ARX worth $4 for each airdrop participant. ARCS is AIre’s native token. It can be stored in a wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard and traded on an exchange that lists ARCS.

It will fluctuate according to market conditions. You can invite and earn up to 1.5 ARX ( ~$0.5 ) for each person you refer

Arc Iris X Kumex (Kucoin) Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Exchange List Kumex
  2. Fill in the form and complete KYC and 2FA
  3. Going to BOT for Verification
  4. Follow the directions on the BOT
  5. Finished


You have to enter the code g4Pwuv manually if you do not see the referral code when registering on the website. Participants, who register without using the referral code will not receive the prize.

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