ASK Coin ( Listing on Bithumb Global !

Crypto assets from namely ASK Coin will soon list on the world’s leading exchange Bithumb Global on September 16, 2022. This is a step to introduce the ASK coin and also permissions to the wider community.

Take note of the listing schedule below:

  • Deposit: 16 September 2022 12:00 (UTC+8)
  • Trading: 17 September 2022 12:00 (UTC+8)
  • Trading pair: ASK/USDT

ASK coin is an asset that works on the Ethereum fork network that users can use to enjoy the services of and can be used on the e-commerce platform to purchase tangible and digital goods. ASK Coin has a total supply of 100 billion coins with a circulating supply of 2,024,461,003 ASK.

Previously, has attracted the attention of big investors in the cryptocurrency world because it is known for its brilliant solution which is to reward user data by giving them rewards if users allow to retrieve user data. Permissions granted by users to will help the platform to provide advertisements that are tailored to the needs of users.

The solution presented by is a breath of fresh air for the digital data industry, which has been vulnerable to misuse and sales of data to targeted advertising parties. Every user who registers on and connects their social media accounts will get 100 ASK which can be used to shop on the e-commerce platform.

The listing of ASK tokens on the Bithumb Global exchange will make it easier for users to buy or sell their ASK tokens. Because, prior to listing ASK coins could only be obtained on the Permission platform with the amount determined by the platform.

Now, with ASK coins officially entering the exchange, users can buy ASK coins according to their needs and use them for trading to shopping at various e-commerce sites or sites that accept ASK as payment.

ASK Coin Allocation

Coins that have a supply of 100 billion coins will share the coin allocation as follows. 40% is allocated to users and the ecosystem (i.e. user incentive and referral programs), 15% is allocated to the team to ensure management is aligned, 25% is allocated to buyers and supporters who intend to participate and provide support for the sustainable development of the network and ecosystem . Then, 20% is allocated as developer incentives to build the platform and to advisors who help drive ASK adoption.

Given that the coin supply scheduled for the user incentive program is a significant portion of the total ASK supply of 40% of coins, the supply schedule for ASK will vary based on the manner and terms. According to the development team, this ASK coin will be finished supplying within 120 months or 10 years.

The adoption of the ASK Coin and platforms will increase as the platform expands and develops. The company also enables more than 5 million independent eCommerce stores on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms to reward users with ASK coins. This will ultimately allow Permissions and ASK coins to get more attention and increase the potential value of profits for their users.

So what are you waiting for get ASK coins now!


We do not recommend reckless trading and investing of digital assets. All trading must be done independently and without coercion, and it is best to use an exchange that is officially registered with CoFTRA. This project has not been listed on any exchange. Make sure you have studied and know and accept the risks involved. This content is intended for educational purposes, not a solicitation or advice on legal trading and investment.

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