Atlantis Airdrop (Round 5) | Register and Get a Total of 5000 ATIS

Technology finance artwork from deep network. Source of ideas: The Atlantean civilization reached the pinnacle of human wisdom more than 2000 years ago, advocating for freedom, pursuing perfection, and inheriting wisdom in society. The vision of the project is to build a trustworthy society about self-governance and democracy by involving the community.

Join the Atlantis community to receive 3 ATIS (1ATIS = 0.618USD), Invite someone to get 3, up to 9 extra ATIS.

Atlantis Airdrop (Round 5) | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT Atis
  2. Pass a simple BOT test
  3. Join Atlantis telegram Group
  4. Click the link to the Atlantis website and Download Wallet
  5. How to register a wallet
    • After downloading select create account
    • Save mnemonic phrase
    • enter the mnemonic phrase for validation
    • create wallet name
    • enter password 2 times
    • Finished
  6. Wait until it’s distributedage


  • The allocation is only 5000 Atis tokens, the first to register is prioritized, so don’t miss it, bro.

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