Atomic Wallet Airdrop | Register and Get 50 AWC (~$10)

Atomic Wallet Airdrop = Atomic is the first wallet to launch a decentralized Membership program based on AWC (native token). All customers holding AWC-BEP2 receive rewards for using the built-in exchange service.

Since this program was released, we have distributed more than 40,000 AWC. The amount of cash back depends on the membership status. Buy AWC via wallet or on Binance DEX, hold and redeem to become a member.

Atomic was founded in early 2018 by Konstantin Gladych, former CEO of Changelly, a popular exchange platform. Atomic has grown from scratch to over 150,000 users and has become profitable in just six months, despite a bear market. It is one of the pioneering companies implementing cross-chain Atomic Swaps.

Atomic Wallet Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download the app via Playstore
  2. Download the app
  3. Create a new wallet and don’t forget to save the Mnemonic Phrase
  4. Click the Grigi/Settings icon on the top right of the Wallet menu
  5. Click the Airdrop submenu
  6. Deposit any asset in atomic wallet for $10
  7. click email address and enter Code 19TD28 to redeem rewards
  8. Incoming email verification
  9. Finished


  • Listing on Binance Dex and IDEX
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Assets will enter 1×24 hours

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