Attila has become the most popular project in the Indonesian blockchain market

With the increase in the number of social network users, the blockchain + social network has attracted more and more public attention, and many related projects have launched the blockchain market. Recently, Attila’s token, ATT, won first place in the Indodax community voting; and on July 30, Attila was successfully listed on Indodax, Indonesia’s largest digital asset exchange. Within days, Attila has become the most popular project in the Indonesian blockchain market.

According to data, as of today, in the last 24 hours, Attila ranks first in terms of the rate of increase in value and transaction volume, being the most attractive project in the Indonesian blockchain market. Since its launch, the market value of Attila’s token, ATT, has skyrocketed. The volume of ATT transactions in the last 24 hours has reached 40 billion, an increase of more than 139%. Proving Attila’s high popularity and great value.

Behind Attila’s popularity is the user focus on data privacy and data protection. After the Cambridge Analysis and Facebook data leak incident, social network users began to pay more attention to data privacy protection, making social giants and other Internet companies nervous, prompting them to seek new solutions to provide users with a more socially friendly experience with high privacy.

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Attila is here to provide solutions for all of you

To solve this problem, Attila emerged and became a pioneer in the blockchain + social field. The Attila team has gathered dozens of the world’s top technology developers and senior experts in various fields, and has adopted the B2B2C business model, so that users can send their own data in the digital virtual world, while the data becomes autonomous, turning users into the real owners of their own data. For enterprises, they can explore more solutions to protect user privacy through the ATT decentralized information communication protocol. Which is very important to rebuild public trust in the protection of data privacy of social networks.

To be one of the first startups dedicated to providing autonomous cross-platform communication solutions for global social networks. Attila, Agreement Telecom Technosphere, is a decentralized information communication protocol based on blockchain technology.

By integrating the four core technologies of blockchain, DNS, smart contracts, and instant messaging protocols. Attila can enable users to perform cross-platform social interactions with the underlying infrastructure of information and communication protocols, a new generation of decentralized information communication protocols featured by cross-platform, breaking boundaries, high security and complete privacy.

The Attila virus in Indonesia proves that Attila has succeeded in opening and securing its market in Indonesia and even throughout Southeast Asia. Marks a major victory in its global expansion. The public’s attention to Attila also shows that the market is more focused on the blockchain + social network field, and the future potential of blockchain + social networks is limitless.

Featured by cross-platform, borderline, high security and complete privacy. The new generation of decentralized information communication protocols is very likely to be the basic infrastructure of information communication in the future. Fundamentally promote the breakthrough of social networking technology. We look forward to Attila’s future developments and contribution to the blockchain+ social networking community.

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