ATTN Token Airdrop | Register and Get 25 ATTN (~$3)

ATTN Token Review

What is ATTN? Founded in 2016, the ATTN alliance is the largest eSports eco-industry alliance in Southeast Asia, with a global game player base of over 25 million. ATTN TOKEN is a fully authentic TOKEN in the ATTN ecosystem designed to overcome the adverse effects of a centralized platform. In addition, ATTN will be implemented for the exchange of all services and applications across the ecosystem.

ATTN vision, ATTN is committed to building a leading ecosystem of eSports platforms We hope to break the existing profit distribution model of traditional centered eSports games based on blockchain technology. Through innovative eSports, token incentives, entertainment experiences from games and participation of tens of millions of users, we are building a convenient ATTN platform that includes global eSports gaming entertainment assets. The original entertainment value created by each user is returned to them. Finally, ATTN will build the world’s most used multi-billion dollar eSports platform.

ATTN Token Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Join BOT ATTN
  2. join Group and Channel ATTN Token
  3. Follow account Twitter ATTN Token
  4. Submit ETH ERC20 Address from your wallet
  5. Finished


  • ATTN invested by IOST and K42 investment company, K42 is OK strategic investment cooperation agency. You can also participate in the bounty ATTN to get more tokens.

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