Battle Traders Event | Register and Get Trading Capital 500 BP

Battle Traders Brief Review

What are Battle Traders? Battle Traders is a free real-time multiplayer trading game. By winning prizes in tournaments, players earn Battle Points (BP), which can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

How do Battle Traders tournaments work? The Battle Traders tournament has no player limit and lasts 5 minutes. The player who makes the most profit trades wins, no trading limits. The player with the best ranking at the end of the tournament is rewarded in Battle Points (BP), varying in amount according to the number of participants. What types of tournaments are there? The most popular Battle Traders tournaments are the FREE tournaments, where you can participate buying FREE tickets. There are also tournaments where ticket prices are in Battle Points (BP).

Battle Traders Event | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the website Battle Traders
  2. Register using e-mail
  3. Create a username or use the system username
  4. Claim Bonus
  5. Congratulations you have been able to participate in the battle trader
  6. It’s easy to click buy tickets -> to the right buy a ticket for 50 BP
  7. Finally, please specify your choice with short or long
  8. For details, please open the menu on the top left of your screen and click the FAQ menu
  9. Have a nice play!


  • Free 500BP equal to 1k satoshi
  • Minimum Withdraw 25000 BP

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