BDAM Airdrop | Sign Up and Get 20 BDAM (~$4)

BDAM Review

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM) is a project founded by a team of industry veterans from the finance and technology industries. Backed by industry veterans and leading venture capital firms and incubators, the BDAM team consists of developers, traders, financial experts, business strategists and developers and marketers who worked tirelessly for over a year, to ensure that a complete ecosystem of decentralized products and services is created. and our customers get maximum return on their investment.

Exclusively focused on working and investing in Artificial Intelligence, BigData and IoT blockchains, the BDAM team seeks to combine traditional fintech with modern-day decentralized finance. The founding body has strong relationships with leading venture capitalists, evaluators, and promising entrepreneurs, who will help the BDAM Project grow and secure the necessary seed funding. They strive to offer their investment bodies the maximum returns by building a diversified portfolio while also helping potential entrepreneurs and startups grow by helping them get the funding they want.

BDAM Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the page BDAM
  2. Join the BDAM Telegram Group and Channel
  3. Join Telegram Channel BDAM Sponsors
  4. Follow Twitter account BDAM, and Like and Retweet with comments this status
  5. Follow Twitter account CEO of BDAM and Like and Retweet with Comment This Status
  6. Enter the @Firsyah17 account into the Telegram Referral Username column
  7. Enter your ERC20 wallet address
  8. Finished


  • The event takes place from August 5 to August 30, 2022

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