Bill Gates Says Bitcoin Is Only For Billionaires Like Elon Musk

According to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, you shouldn’t touch Bitcoin if you’re not as rich and “sophisticated” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

The fourth richest person in the world took this elitist stance during his interview with Bloomberg:

Elon has a lot of money, and he’s very sophisticated. I’m not worried the Bitcoin will go up or down randomly […] My general thought is… if you have less money than Elon, you should probably be careful.

Gates worries that people who don’t have too much money to spare are “getting into this euphoria.”

Good If It Can Be Tracked

As reported by the media, the billionaire philanthropist recently mentioned that he is “neutral” on Bitcoin. In his recent interview, Gates explained that he is not bullish on Bitcoin because it takes too much energy and promotes immutable anonymous transactions:

However, he claims that digital money is a good thing if it can be traced:

The Gates Foundation does a lot when it comes to digital currencies, but you can see who is doing the transactions there. So, digital money is a good thing.

Gates expects digital money to flow even to the poorest countries.

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