Bintex Futures Airdrop | Register and Get 1000 BNTX Estimated $12

Bintex Futures Airdrop – Cryptocurrency exchange that offers security, speed and convenience. Bintex Futures provides an opportunity to trade Bintex Toxins and other cryptocurrencies without any 3rd party services to hold customer assets.

Bintex Futures Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click link to BOT
  2. Join Telegram Group
  3. Follow Twitter And Retweet
  4. Follow Facebook And Share
  5. Follow Instagram
  6. Follow LinkedIn and share one of the posts
  7. Subscribe YouTube Bitnex, like and share the video
  8. Subscribe Youtube Advertise, like and share videos about Bitnex
  9. Join Channel Telegram Adverise
  10. Follow account Twitter Advocate and share tweets about Bitnex
  11. Submit your account data


  • IEO Will start June 26
  • Airdrop Limit For 10k Users, Distribution Is Done After The Airdrop End In October And Will Be Distributed To Your ETH Erc20 Wallet.

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