BitBoost DeFi Crypto Finance Revolution

BitBoost is a decentralized platform designed to allow users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure digital loans in the crypto market, making it easy to get funds without having to sell their blockchain assets.

The Technology Push Decentralized Lending Platform will be on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and loan collateral recorded on its native blockchain. BitBoost Lending Technology is protocol and asset agnostic architecture. Any blockchain asset, including those on a permitted distributed ledger, can be used as collateral and managed by smart credit contracts.

200 million Boost Tokens (BTT) will be launched and will not be overloaded. BTT will run natively on the BSC blockchain. BTT will also be used in the Boost Decentralized Lending Platform to pay interest fees, and other necessary fees. IDO will be held at the leading launch pad and listing on Pancakeswap.

Once our Bitboost community reaches a base of 50,000 members, we will launch our IDO while developing our DEFI platform, forecasting Q4 in 2022. However, depending on the highly changing world market, we may schedule it to different phases, spreading BTT sales over the long term. longer time.

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