Bitcoin Classic Airdrop | Register and Get Rewards Up To 10 BXC

Bitcoin Classic Airdrop – Bitcoin Classic is a cryptocurrency, enhanced blockchain, smart contract platform. Bitcoin Classic aims to allow users to build websites based on smart contracts.

Bitcoin Classic is a proposed hard fork of Bitcoin Core that proposes increasing the maximum transaction block size. Despite its initial success, Bitcoin Classic has failed to be widely adopted by the bitcoin community and ultimately did not materialize. Instead, Bitcoin Cash is the first fork to tackle larger blocks in practice.

Bitcoin Classic Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click Join Task
  2. Enter BXC Address from Graviex, Crex24 or from another Exchange
  3. Join group telegram BXC
  4. Join Channel telegram BXC
  5. Like page Facebook BXC
  6. Follow page BXC’s Twitter
  7. Retweet preferred status from BXC
  8. Finished


  • Already listed in several big markets like Graviex and Crex24
  • Competition ends 21 July 2022
  • Twitter must have at least 30 Followers and an account created before January 1, 2022

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