Bitcoin Earning Android App, 4 Options to Try

Currently, you can get Bitcoin from anywhere, not only from mining machines that require high-end devices. In fact, there are already various Bitcoin earning android app which you can easily operate to get the most popular digital currency in the world.

You can also use the Bitcoins collected from these apps as a means of payment. There are several apps available on the Play Store and ready for you to download to help you earn Bitcoins in a much easier process.

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Choose Bitcoin Earning Android App Best

Unfortunately, some of the apps available on the Play Store are less credible apps.

Some of these apps promise rewards in the form of Bitcoins but end up giving nothing after you complete the mission.

Not to worry, here are some Android apps you can trust.

1. BitClaim

This app is not only free but you can also use it on your Android device easily.

This app is quite popular and allows its users to claim satoshi once every 30 minutes. Satoshi itself is the smallest unit in Bitcoin.

BitClaim has an unsatisfactory user interface. But behind this appearance, BitClaim will reward its loyal users with Bitcoin in accordance with a predetermined amount.

2. BTC Safari

The next app that Bitcoin hunters using Android smartphones can trust is BTC Safari.

Bitcoin earning Android app this one allows its users to earn Bitcoins once every 15 minutes.

In one claim, each user can earn up to 400 satoshi.

BTC Safari is very easy for you to use with simple and not too many features. The app may seem ordinary, but it can be trusted.

For Android users who are interested in registering, just prepare an email address and Bitcoin wallet address before using this BTC Safari application.

3. Bitcoin Farm

Like BitClaim, Bitcoin Farm is a free app that allows users to earn Bitcoins every 30 minutes.

All you need to do to earn Bitcoins from this app is just wait every 30 minutes. How to get Bitcoin is just by watching videos.

Bitcoin Farm has provided many videos that you can watch to earn Bitcoins.

The app has a very simple but still nice design. After collecting satoshi, the minimum amount that must be met each time you make a withdrawal is only 20,000 satoshi.

4. BitMaker

BitMaker seems to be the most popular of the similar apps we’ve listed before.

Besides being popular, this application is also very trustworthy. BitMaker will give Bitcoin to its users every 30 minutes.

The application’s good interface and additional features make BitMaker very popular with Bitcoin hunters. This app also has a scoreboard that users can use to compare Bitcoin results earned with other users’ results.

Trusted Information About Bitcoin

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