Bitcoin Mining Sites, 4 Free and Safe Recommendations

You can do Bitcoin mining or mining more flexibly. Currently, there are various options Bitcoin mining site which you can use to earn as many Bitcoins as possible. But that does not mean you can choose any site arbitrarily.

Given that not all mining sites are credible, you need to first ensure the security of a site before starting to mine there. In general, various mining websites that offer free Bitcoins are cloud mining service providers. Then, what sites can you trust?

list Bitcoin Mining Site Free But Safe

With this mining site, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in carrying out mining activities. All that is needed is a computer, smartphone, and smooth internet to be able to use a mining website. Here are some choices of trusted sites.

1. Eobot, Subscription and Free Bitcoin Mining Site

To be able to get Bitcoin for free from Eobot, you need to register first. You can register directly on the Eobot website. Fill in the form provided correctly and verify the email.

After that you can click on the faucet and earn Gh.

If you want to increase the speed of Bitcoin production on the Eobot mining website, you can choose to subscribe.

By subscribing to Eobot, you can get extra facilities, such as increased speed or Gh/s in generating more free Bitcoins.

2. Micro BTS

Another website that provides cloud mining services is Micro BTS.

This website is perfect for miners who want to earn Bitcoin for free but don’t have hardware with special specifications to mine Bitcoin.

Just choose the free plan available on Bitcoin mining site this one. Furthermore, Micro BTS will provide 30 Gh/s speed to registered miners.

Not only that, this site also provides contracts that are valid for life and free Bitcoin for its users.

3. Crypto Mining Farms

Next there is Crypto Mining Farms which is a platform made in Thailand.

Thailand itself is a country that has legalized trading transactions or buying and selling of crypto currencies.

You can take advantage of the free services provided by Crypto Mining Farms.

For miners who are new to the Crypto Mining Farms website, there is a mining speed of 50 Gh/s which is valid for life.

If you want to upgrade your mining package on the platform, you need to pay a subscription fee.

Subscription fees can be paid monthly, annually, or once for a lifetime. By subscribing, you can earn more Bitcoins in less time.

4. Bitzfree

Another mining website is called Bitzfree. This website gives away free Bitcoins at a speed of 20 Gh/s.

In addition to free Bitcoin, Bitzfree will also provide additional points of 10%, these points will be given every time a visitor enters the Bitzfree mining website.

But before entering the Bitzfree website, the website will make sure that every visitor is not a robot. Bitzfree performs these checks to ensure that the site remains safe and that other visitors can also move safely on the website.

In Bitcoin mining site Bitzfree, visitors can also increase the speed of the mining process. The method is quite easy, namely by joining a campaign, for example following Bitzfree on social media.

After Understanding about Bitcoin Mining Sites

To be more confident in choosing a Bitcoin miner website, make sure you complete your knowledge of Bitcoin on the website.

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