Bitcoin Trading Tutorial, Understand the Following 4 Short Steps

Bitcoin can be very profitable if you are really serious about learning tutorials trading Bitcoin and practice it properly.

To be able to profit from Bitcoin, you need to keep the Bitcoin or make an investment.

In addition, you can also do trading Bitcoin, as stock traders do.

If you prefer trading Instead of investing in Bitcoin, there are several important steps that need to be understood so that Bitcoin trading activities can take place smoothly and earn money profit.

Bitcoin Trading Tutorials Simple for Beginners

Basically, trading Bitcoin has a system similar to trading others, such as stock trading on the stock exchange or trading gold in the forex market.

However, if you have never done trading First, here’s a simple tutorial that you should take seriously.

1. Create a Bitcoin account

This step is mandatory for you to do. Everyone who is interested in doing trading Bitcoins must create a working account to make transactions.

You can easily create your own Bitcoin account on the site web

2. Verify your Bitcoin account

You have to complete the Bitcoin account creation process by verifying the account.

You can do this account verification process by filling in your complete identity.

The identity includes complete personal information, photo ID, and a photo of yourself.

3. Fill in the deposit

Next, fill your account with a certain amount of Bitcoin.

You can top up the account by making a deposit using the conventional currency you have, for example, Rupiah or a foreign currency.

Later, the currency you use will be converted into Bitcoin.

For example, if 1 piece of Bitcoin is equivalent to Rp. 835 million, then the deposit of Rp. 30 million that you enter will be approximately 0.0359 pieces of Bitcoin.

There is no minimum limit for making Bitcoin purchases. You can even buy Bitcoin for just a few hundred thousand Rupiah.

4. Start trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading tutorials The next step is to start buying and selling or transactions trading quickly.

Current prices in the world trading Bitcoin is the latest price when the transaction takes place.

In order to make a profit, you need to be diligent in monitoring Bitcoin price movements with the account you have created to monitor the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices.

The price of Bitcoin itself always experiences movements every day, which can go down and can go up.

Do action buy Bitcoin when the value of Bitcoin has decreased. Then if the time is right, do it action selling.

Action sell can be done when the value of Bitcoin has increased. This method will help you make a profit.

Profitable Bitcoin Trading

In order to get profit from transactions trading Bitcoin, you need to choose media exchange with guaranteed security and can be trusted.

Make sure media exchange is legal and supervised by BAPPEBTI. A number of media exchange Safe ones are Luno, Indodax, TokoCrypto, and so on.

What else do you need to know before jumping into the world trading Bitcoins? There is a lot of basic information that is very important to understand for beginners who are interested in doing trading Bitcoins.

All important information can be found on the site web

After studying Bitcoin trading tutorials above, complete your crypto understanding with other knowledge about Bitcoin at Media Authority. After that you can consider starting Bitcoin trading transactions.

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