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BitLevex Exchange Review

BITLEVEX is a new generation cryptocurrency exchange with breakthrough technology and various instruments. The mission of the exchange is to create a universal gateway to the crypto world for every human being. BITLEVEX is the first crypto exchange to offer cryptocurrency options for every digital asset that users own through the platform.

Users gain the unique ability to hedge the volatility risk of most liquid digital assets. In addition, traders will be able to generate volatile market movements without actually holding cryptocurrencies. This capability increases the risk-reward ratio of their portfolio, and allows platform users to be much more successful in their trading endeavors.

BITLEVEX platform users will be able to take part in the cryptocurrency market with very minimal financial exposure and high potential returns. In addition, BITLEVEX will be the first platform to allow users the opportunity to create their own Exchange-Trade Products (ETP). Lenders can create these collateral-based ETPs based on their portfolio and sell them to other interested traders.

BitLevex Exchange | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to Website BitLevex Exchange
  2. Fill in the registration form according to the instructions
  3. Account verification via incoming email
  4. Verify the account in the “Veryfy my Profile” menu in the My Account Menu
  5. Upload KTP, Selfie with Identity Card (KTP) and Upload Proof of address can be from shopping receipts, government documents that include your address not less than 3 months from the date of issuance of the document (suggestion receipt from online shopping)
  6. Finished


The event lasts only 3 days and is valid until August 2

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