BitMax Exchange X Solana Airdrop | Register and Share Total Reward 20,000 SOL

Bitmax and Solana review

Solana is a high-speed single-layer blockchain, currently supporting a peak capacity of 65k transactions per second and a block time of 400ms with over 50 nodes. It was specifically built to scale transaction throughput with Moore’s Law. No sharding is required to achieve this throughput.

  • Founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers in late 2017, Solana is a single-chain Proof-of-Stake protocol focused on providing scalability without compromising on decentralization or security.
  • At the heart of Solana’s scaling solution is a decentralized clock titled Proof-of-History (PoH), which was built to solve time problems in distributed networks.

Step By Step Join Solana Airdrop

  1. Create an account at BitMax Exchange
  2. Fill in the registration form, submit and confirm the account via e-mail
  3. After activation, don’t forget to set 2FA Authenticator
  4. Continue to the Airdrop x solana page
  5. Do some simple tasks like Join Newsletter solana
  6. Join Group Telegram Solana
  7. Follow twitter solana
  8. Subscribe Account Naver Solana (optional)
  9. Last answer Quiz about solana
  10. Finished


  1. To make it easier for you to answer, here is the answer key for the solana quiz
    • 59K
    • 0.4 Sec
    • Prof of History
    • All Above
  2. The event will run from July 17, 10:00 a.m. EDT to July 23, 10:00 a.m. EDT.
  3. Users must complete Tasks via 1-5 Solana Airdrop, to be eligible for attractive prizes.
  4. Prizes will be distributed to the winner’s account within 7 working days after the event is over.
  5. Users must complete KYC 1 verification to receive rewards.
  6. Each user account can only win the prize draw ONCE.

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