BitMax x FIO Protocol Giveaway

BitMax and FIO Protocol review

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FIO and BitMax protocols have a total giveaway 700,000 coin FIO to members of their community. To participate in this airdrop. Create an account on BitMax, answer simple questions to the airdrop page to get an equal share of the airdrop pool. Also, participate in prizes to win additional prizes of a total of 500,000 FIO coins.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized service layer that bridges the gap between crypto endpoints such as wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors, and other applications where crypto assets are held and/or transferred. The FIO Protocol is not a wallet. Instead, it is integrated into existing products as a usability layer that creates a better and homogeneous user experience for all blockchain tokens and coins by providing a layer of data and confirmation of transactions on other blockchains. The FIO Protocol therefore does not compete with, integrate with or interfere with other blockchains. And it doesn’t send transactions to or from any other blockchain. Technically, other blockchains are not aware of the existence of the FIO Protocol.

BitMax x FIO Protocol Giveaway | Step by Step

  1. Previously register at BitMax Exchange
  2. Fill in the account registration form and activate it via the link or code that goes to your email
  3. Visit the BitMax x FIO Protocol Airdrop page dihere
  4. Open the video and study the FIO Protocol profile
  5. Fill in the Google form and answer the 3 questions that were asked based on the contents of the video earlier
  6. Submit
  7. To get a chance to get a prize of more than 500,000 FIO, please click Menu Proceed More For FIO Token
  8. You will get a ticket for every successful social media task such as
    • Follow account FIO and BitMax in twitter
    • Join FIO Telegram
    • Like and Retweet Post This
    • Create a wallet address FIO can be Guarda, edge or Midas
    • Fill in the Google form and don’t forget to submit your FIO address


  • Event valid from 9 July to 16 July 2022 10.00 EDT
  • Answer For Form 1
    1. A usability layer integrated into crypto products
    2. Replace the need to view/use public addresses
    3. FIO Requests can include FIO Data

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