BitMax X PAMP Quiz Event

BitMax Exchange Review

BitMax – like many other exchanges – is from Singapore. The platform was launched in August 2018 and is available on two different domains: and The team behind this exchange is led by three individuals: George Cao (Co-founder and CEO of, Ariel Ling (Co-founder and COO of, and Shane Molidor (Global Head of Business Development at . All of these individuals have experience from asset management, banking and finance. BitMax today supports trading a fairly decent amount of cryptocurrency. You can find all the biggest ones here, and the platform has 190+ trading pairs and 40 different margin trading pairs.

The Pamp Network is a price reactive cryptocurrency that adjusts the inflation rate based on market demand. When the price matches, the holder receives a reward in proportion to the percent increase, the day held, and the amount held. Simply put, Sellers pay high burning fees which increase on negative days, and Holders receive rewards on positive days.

BitMax X PAMP Quiz Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Register at BitMax Exchange, for those who don’t have an account
  2. Fill in the registration form and confirm the incoming email
  3. Set 2FA and don’t forget to save the recovery code
  4. Do KYC Level 2
  5. Click the link to the Google Form and answer the quiz
  6. Finished


  • Time: Sept 18, 10:00 EDT – Sept 25, 10:00 EDT
  • You can read the details of the event here
  • To make it easier I have included answers to questions in the Google form
    1. 2,000,000~3,000,000
    2. Above 2,000,000
    3. When PAMP price increases
    4. Holders are rewarded when the price increases and sellers are penalized when it does not.
    5. June, 2022

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