Bitrue Exchange Airdrop | Join and Get 10 BFT

Bitcoin Exchange Review

Bitrue launched in early 2018, and initially gained significant traction as they introduced the XRP base market, which is very popular among XRP enthusiasts who promote the exchange. Bitrue has stayed true to its initial endeavors and continues to maintain and grow its XRP base market, making it perhaps the number one exchange, liquidity wise, for traders who prefer to trade assets against XRP as a base.

Only 750 participants picked randomly and rewarded with 10 $BFT for completing all the steps

REFERRAL contest:

  • Top 1: 2000 $BFT tokens
  • Top 2: 1500 $BFT tokens
  • Top 3: 1000 $BTF tokens
  • Top 4: 750 $BFT tokens
  • Top 5: 500 $BFT tokens
  • Top 6 – 10: 250 $BFT tokens

Bitrue Exchange Airdrop | Step By Step Join


  1. Click the link to BOT BFT Airdrop
  2. Join our Telegram group
  3. Follow Bitrue on Twitter
  4. Follow CryptoAdventure on Twitter
  5. Like & Retweet this tweet
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  8. Share this on telegram ( copy paste and share them in telegram groups) – provide link to the comment
  9. Comment properly on this tweet and include it (tags #Bitrue #IEO #BFT )
  10. Share this the IEO details on reddit: (copy paste and share them in reddit) – provide link to the comment


  • The event will start on 26/08.
  • Ends on 20/09.
  • Distribution before: 10/10.

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