Bitrue X Gala Airdrop (BTR Hodler)

Gala Games Review

Founded by great people from the gaming and blockchain industry, Gala Games is changing the gaming world. All OLD-school gamers remember the sound of dust blowing out of Nintendo cartridges getting ready to play their favorite game or the pride you feel when you line up your Playstation games on the shelf in your bedroom. Basically, game companies used to produce stuff that you would buy and store and use whenever and wherever YOU liked. There is a sense of pride in having what you can hold in your hands. Then the game takes a turn, and everything is online. At first, this seems very convenient because services like Steam and mobile gaming platforms are revolutionizing the human action play. However, as consumers get used to digital platforms, they suddenly find that they are playing more and having less.

This is why Gala exists – to give the power of gaming to the people who are supposed to be responsible – gamers. Games produced by Gala will always be free to play, and whatever you earn in the game world will belong to YOU. If you play a game and get an asset in that game, it is yours to do whatever you want with it. You own your gameplay, no one else owns it. This means you can collect, trade, gift or even sell your in-game assets in a way that was never possible before. Also, unlike other game development companies, which actively prevent and prohibit these kinds of outside transactions for getting nothing, we encourage you to explore how you can use and share your in-game assets with the rest of the world.

Bitrue X Gala Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Register first Bitcoin Exchange for those who don’t have an account
  2. Fill in the registration form and confirm the incoming email
  3. Set 2FA and don’t forget to save the Recovery Code
  4. Do KYC just in case (not mandatory)
  5. Follow Twitter Account Bitrue Official and Gala Games
  6. Retweet & reply this tweet by tagging 3 friends
  7. Submit your details in this airdrop form.
  8. You will share the token pool $ GALA 1,000,000 .
  9. Finished


Event ends September 25, 2022

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