Bitsafe Airdrop | Register and Get 10 Euros Free

Bitsafe Airdrop – Banks always have a monopoly on keeping your money. But accessing your money, both physically and online, is still a nightmare. If you want to use their service, you have to follow their rules.

Bitsafe understands that the world of finance is evolving. Instead of storing your gold bullion in an underground vault, Bitsafe protects your cash, domains and other digital assets in one secret account without sacrificing your real identity to others.

And because we don’t make loans or use your funds for speculation, there are no limits or waiting times for withdrawals. Whether you want to open an online payment account or register a domain name without your identity being revealed.

Bitsafe offers a variety of services that allow you to run your business in a safe and secure environment.

  • Bitsafe Airdrop
  • Reward €10
  • Referral €10
  • %100 Real Project

Bitsafe Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Go to website Bitsafe
  2. Register by filling out the form
  3. Download the app to verify
  4. Launch the App on your phone. Sign in to My Bitsafe with another device or with the same phone. Once you are logged in, select your profile picture in the top right corner, select “view profile”. Then select “GET VERIFICATION” and scan the QR code with your phone.
  5. On your phone, you will now be asked to set up and confirm a 5-digit Bitsafe passcode for future logins on the Bitsafe app on your phone. Please confirm this 5 digit code once again.
  6. Now Bitsafe will verify your ID. Please press the Verify your ID button. Bitsafe supports many different IDs, including passports, national ID cards and driving licenses. For best results please use the ID documents you use most internationally. In most cases, this will be your passport. Make sure you scan the side with all your personal information on it.
  7. After this IDScan, you are asked to do some selfie drawing instructions. These instructions can include simple tasks such as “smile” or “look to the left”. Please, make sure that there is enough light while completing these tasks.
  8. You are now done with the personal settings! Our compliance staff will review your ID and the result of the selfie image instruction. You will be notified if we need further information from you.
  9. If an error occurs during a live scan, it’s better to contact the cs directly via email
  10. Finished

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