BitUniverse X Pionex Giveaway | Register and Share Total Reward 200 USDT

BitUniverse Review

Automated Trading Bots are a rising trend for crypto traders. Some crypto trading bot platforms use API Keys to allow traders to execute their strategies 24*7. Therefore, we don’t have to stick to the charts all day with the help of crypto trading bots. On the other hand, while more traders are using automated trading bots, Pionex tries to help traders with easy built-in trading bots with integrated exchanges.

Pionex is the first exchange to collect liquidity from the Binance exchange and the Huobi Global exchange. Pionex collects liquidity from these exchanges. And as a market maker, Pionex enjoys VERY LOW trading fees on Binance and Huobi. That’s why Pionex only charges 0.05% of its users, and can still enjoy Binance and Huobi liquidity privileges. Pionex offers a market creation program for its users. As long as you have more than $100,000 of assets in Pionex, you can sign up for the program and enjoy 0% creator fees.

BitUniverse together with Pionex Trading BOT Platform hold monthly giveaways for each of their users and also for new users to join and enliven this Giveaway, the rewards given are also quite good, such as,

These prizes include:

  • Gold – $50 each – 1 Winner. Required entry 600,
  • Best Comments – $10 each – 3rd best comments on YouTube videos, Only good comments are most likely to win this award. Any bad comments will be disqualified from winning any award.
  • Participants – $1 each – 120 Winners. 50 entry required

So for those of you who are interested, please follow the steps below:

BitUniverse X Pionex Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the page Giveaway
  2. Register using email and account confirmation via incoming email
  3. Connect your social media to do tasks, such as twitter, facebook and youtube
  4. Done, don’t forget to invite your friends to increase the chance to get a $50 reward


  • The more entries you have, the bigger the award and the higher chance to win you will get!And all the awards will be distributed to the winner’s BitUniverse account, all winners are randomly selected by the system

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